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The Salafiyah Syafi'iyah Sukorejo Islamic Boarding School in Situbondo, East Java got the first chance at the First Literature Congress in 2018. The conference, which presented hundreds of writers from various regions in Indonesia, brought Exploration of Nationalism, Building Nationalism. This conference takes place on 18-22 December 2018.

The Literature Conference is a cultural endeavor of writers, cultural experts and artists, both from boarding schools and the public. This effort is important considering that the Indonesian nation is being plagued by political conflicts and economic problems.


The Chairperson of the Literature Conference Council, Ahmad Najib, said the Literature Conference was held so that the people were not only presented with political issues. Because, lately political tension has begun to heat up because of the way campaigning and promotion are far from common sense and human values.

“The 2018 Literature Conference is an endeavor. An effort to encourage the movement of this nation so as not to merely make politics and the economy as commander, “said Najib the day before the opening of the Conference.

According to him, the Indonesian nation was built with good order and teachings, values ​​of harmony, mutual respect, mutual cooperation and tolerance.

” If today some of these values ​​fade, then it is the cultural movement that is expected to be able to restore it. In the way of culture we hope to be able to re-explore the intransigence and build nationalism, “said Najib.

The Treasures of Islamic Boarding Literature [19659003] The second day of the Muktamar Sastra event, the committee won kiai who were both writers and culturalists, KH Ahmad Mustofa Bisri (Gus Mus) to give a welcome speech and p direction to the Conference participants. In his speech, Gus Mus revealed the literary treasures of the pesantren.

The caretaker of the Raudhatut Islamic Boarding School Tahlibin Leteh, Rembang, Central Java said that the pesantren had given birth to a writer.

According to him, this was because the pesantren did not only study religious sciences , but also literature, and Arabic grammar as a tool for understanding the contents of the book.

“Literature is the food of pesantren. That's what distinguishes pesantren and not,” said Gus Mus.

The famous short story writer Gus Jakfar mentions a number of names of scholars who have abilities in the field of literature, among others KH Abdul Hamid Pasuruan.

“Mbah Hamid since Tremas has been known by writers. Kiai As'ad (Syamsul Arifin) is also a writer. But both of them stand out more. I was, “explained Gus Mus, greeted by laughter from thousands of attendees consisting of santri and writers at the Sukorejo Islamic Boarding School.

This PBNU preacher revealed that poet the other santren is Hadhratusshh KH Hasyim Asy'ari. According to him, Mbah Hasyim likes to make poetry when there are differences of views with other scholars so as not to be understood directly by the santri.

Gus Mus also stressed, in literature there is not only thought, but also taste. Therefore, according to him, the Literature Conference Conference is important to strengthen the taste.

“At present the lack in ourselves is feeling,” he said.

According to him, people who do not have dzauq (sense) it is not easy to be invited to talk about literature, because it does not understand.

According to the cleric who has produced many poems, poems, short stories and paintings, if someone does not have a taste, his attention is only focused on humans physically, not on human feelings.

“That feeling is the superiority and difference of pesantren. This is inseparable from the literary tradition in boarding schools, “explained Gus Mus.

[1945977] Urgency of the Literature Conference

Meanwhile, there are at least three reasons According to Minister of Religion Lukman Hakim Saifuddin why the first Literary Conference in history this has an important and timely role.

First, on December 9, 2018, the Government – in this case President Joko Widodo – has received the Indonesian Culture Strategy text from the formulation team of the Indonesian Culture Congress. The manuscript is projected as a design proposal for the vision of the promotion of Indonesian culture in the next 20 years.

Talking about culture, said Minister of Religion, is impossible without discussing and formulating the contribution of the literary world. Talking about Indonesian culture is also impossible if it does not consider Islamic boarding school literature.

Because pesantren, with various scientific traditions and the work of kyai, ulama, tengku, buya, master teachers, santri, and alumni, have become an important part of the nation's long history Indonesia.

Second, Minister of Religion views that the 2018 Congress of Literature is on time, which is because currently the Indonesian people need to sharpen their taste. Socio-political developments, coupled with the rapid rise of social media due to the digital industry revolution, have changed in a sense, the ways and religious behavior of some people.

Minister of Religion sees a kind of stuttering where religious passion grows so fast on the one hand, but it is not accompanied by a balance of conscience, taste, and spirituality on the other. Religious appeals that should have been reassuring turned into provocations. The religious symbol that should describe politeness has turned into a picture of ferocity.

Third, the Literature Conference is important because there is a common thread and continuity of a number of recent events that illustrate the concern and concern of the community towards the future of culture and nationality.

The Yogyakarta agreement held by the Ministry of Religion in early November also illustrated the anxiety of religious and cultural observers over the strengthening of religious conservatism.

Religious education was considered to be too forward to aspects of birth ( exoteric in religion, and less equip students with spiritual messages ( esoteric ); current education is also considered to be very marginalizing literary media as a learning tool.

Present at the Literature Conference The Caretaker of the Salafiyah Syafi'iyah Islamic Boarding School KH Ahmad Azaim Ibrahimy, poet KH D. Zawawi Imron, Emha Ainun Nadjib, KH Mutawakkil Alallah, and hundreds of writers , culture, as well as artists from various regions. [1945900] (Fathoni)


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