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The Executive Board of the Nahdlatul Ulama cooperated with PT Indosat in the field of education. The cooperation was in the distribution of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funds from PT Indosat Tbk to support PBNU activities in the field of Education.

PBNU General Chair KH Said Aqil Siroj accompanied by PBNU Chair KH Manan Abdul Ghoni, The Emhas Ruling, H. Hanief Saha Ghofur, PBNU General Treasurer H Bina Suhendra, and PBNU Wasekjen H. Andi Najmi Fuadi received direct distribution of the 400 million funds.


While from PT Indosat Tbk, the Managing Director Chris Kanter was present. Indosat Ooredoo Head Corporate Communication Group Turina Farouk, and Media Relations Manager Eni Nur Ifati.

Managing Director Chris Kanter hopes that the distribution of these funds will be the beginning of cooperation between the two parties. “We hope this will be the beginning of cooperation,” he said.

PT Indosat channeled its funds to PBNU because it believed that various programs at PBNU had benefited many people.

“We are certain that programs designed by PBNU bring benefits for the people. So we are not doubtful about the distribution, “he explained.

While Kiai Said himself said that the distribution of PT Indoesat's funds to PBNU was appropriate because NU had many Islamic boarding schools, madrassas, mosques, majelis taklim, and universities.

“So the father (Director of PT Indosat Tbk) is very true to PBNU. We have 21 thousand Islamic boarding schools, 4 million santri, 13 thousand madrasas, 800 thousand mosques, “said Kiai Said.

Kiai Said also stated about the big role of NU for Indonesia, since seizing independence to fill it.

According to him, a number of NU figures, such as Hadratusyyekh KH Hasyim Asy'ari were persecuted and Kiai Zainul Mustofa from Tasikmalaya was killed by invaders for refusing to cooperate . So is the heoric battle that took place in Surabaya. After independence, NU's role is no less important, namely when removing the seven words stated in the Medina Charter.

At that time, the people of eastern Indonesia rejected the seven words and threatened to expel themselves from Indonesia if they were not removed. Kiai Wahid Hasyim immediately went to his father, Hadratussyekh KH Hasyim Asy'ari to ask for his opinion until finally seven words were crossed out.

In addition, NU also guarded the NKRI by opposing the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) and now, NU's role is not only guarding the territory of Indonesia, but also the culture and identity of the Indonesian people. (Husni Sahal / Abdullah Alawi)

. [1945995] Islamic Organizations

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