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Gus Dur took a walk in Ciganjur and saw people approaching his own haul



People came to that place with various forms. Some are wearing koko shirts, black shirts and sarongs. There was also a body full of tattoos, some wearing crosses seemed to flock on foot to the place, along with several mothers wearing veils that seemed to invite children. Apparently, they came to attend Haul Gus Dur Ciganjur, South Jakarta. Not far from Haul's center, 600 meters, a thick, bespectacled 75-year-old man is walking alone.

The man walks normally, in no hurry and not too slow. But, the narrow streets of Ciganjur this evening made him pull over — the horn sounded to each other as if all humans were deaf and just stopped at a coffee shop. The stall was actually quite crowded, but there was an empty place and the man sat there.

“Coffee, sir?” Asked the stall owner while showing carefully the man in front of him. He felt familiar with this man, but was unsure of what he saw.

“No. Just give warm ginger, “he answered briefly.


The people in the stall looked at each other and whispered. The atmosphere began to row, everyone seemed to be talking to themselves and trying to convince what he saw just now. While the man just kept quiet. Finally, one of them ventured to ask. “Sorry, Sir. Besides Gus Dur, right?

The man turned his head, he saw the faces of the people in front of him. A split second after, the man laughed and it made them confused.

“Again, we apologize, sir. Is it really right for Gus Dur, “said another, in a panic tone.

The man nodded his head.

” Gus Dur? “Asked another, confirmed.

The man smiled. Then he replied, “I think so are my people.”

The atmosphere began to tense and confuse. Some think that this person may be a liar or just like Gus Dur, some feel the need to report to the security officer. After all, Gus Dur died six years ago, even there was a day of his death, not far from their current place. One of them took the cellphone and tried to take it.

“Already. No need to be confused. Just sit here. I just want to take a walk, “he said.

That made people relieved. They sat down again and returned to enjoy the snacks in the shop, and began chatting with the man named Gus Dur. They are often made to laugh because of the jokes that are often made by the man. The atmosphere was very runny.

“Gus,” said one of them, “I am tired, I see the news typed every day.”

Now, everyone starts looking at him. Also included was the man.

“Every day I see it is chaos.”

The man paused for a moment. He raised his head above, his eyes closed and took a deep breath and took it out. This he did three times.

“What do you mean?” Asked the man.

“Look, Gus. We are small people. Every day, politics is unclear. Corruption is everywhere.

“Right, Gus,” said another.

“There is murder too, Gus. The Salim Kancil is a person like us, the little brother. He was killed because of defending the land taken by the rich. We are sad. I don't have anything, people take more land. Not to mention the Islamic people go berserk with others, other religions. Which area is that, Jang? “Asked another while looking at a friend beside him.

” Tolikara, Mr. Dhe, “answered a person named Jajang.

” Singkil in Aceh too, Mr. Dhe. Bogor also, GKI Yasmin is still not allowed to worship in its place, “another joked.

” That's the point. Wong agamo how come ngunu “he added.

The man seemed to be silent. He looked carefully at the faces of those around him.

“You believe me, right?”

They nodded their heads. The man then continued his words.

“If you are all convinced of me, then do what I also did when I was alive. Always be kind to others, regardless of ethnicity and religion. Accompany weak people around you. Don't let anyone hurt them, let alone forbid them to worship. “

They all fell silent. “But, there is no pension, Gus. We feel alone, “said another. The man shed tears.

Then the man stood up, hugged the person and tapped him on the shoulder.

“Never be afraid. Everything will be fine, as long as you continue to practice the teachings of religion well, always helping people who are in distress and believe that Islam is a religion of justice. I will always be in my heart for all. “

The man then asked permission to go to the Haul event.

” You are still here, keep drinking your coffee. I will talk to the people on the show, also about complaints and all, “he said.

The man walked again. The streets are getting crowded. The people of the stall also took him out and saw his figure walking towards the crowd until the figure could no longer be seen among the crowd.

Disclaimer: this story is an imaginary story, related to content, similarity of story, time and so on, is absolutely the responsibility of the author.

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