Gus Dur dan Politik Kebangsaan yang Rahmatan Lil Alamin


Abdurrahman looked different that morning. He asked for a new koko shirt and sarong. Just about to celebrate Eid. As a result, the students' clothing was chosen to be worn. Strangely, there were no honorable guests in front of Ciganjur's house. Except cungkring's old grandfather had a black hat, a white beard, with a cloth slung over his shoulders, and knee-length pants. When laughing, his face looks like a cute baby.

According to Cungkring's grandfather, who was then escorted by an Acehnese activist, he walked from the land of Serambi Makkah. After being invited in, Abdurrahman invited him to sit on the carpet. Then both sleep for 15 minutes – in a sitting condition. After waking up, grandfather cungkring even say goodbye. Santri, who from the outset was gossiped by Gus Dur, asked and received a brief answer. A guardian of his kind, only in Sudan. Referring to la ya'riful wali illal wali (no one knows guardians other than guardians), it is clear how Abdurrahman positioned himself. In other words, this great nation was once led by a great saint who was born in the sacred land: Nusantara.

From this incident the name Abu Ibrahim Woyla, whose full name was Teungku (Kiyai), Ibrahim bin Teungku Sulaiman bin Teungku Husen.


Born in the village of Pasi Aceh, Woyla Subdistrict, West Aceh Regency in 1919 M. Abu Ibrahim Woyla only had time to complete the People's School (SR). The rest took Dayah education (Salafi / Traditional Islamic Boarding School) for almost 25 years.

This figure is a highly respected person in Aceh. The community called him “Tgk Beurahim Wayla” and believed that he often performed Friday Prayers in Makkah and returned later that day. It can run faster and faster than a car. Too many witnesses have seen it disappear. This is the “sleeping god” of Aceh, who spent his days sleeping alone. His sleeping position was curved (meukewien). Like a cat. Abu Ibrahim Woyla was also able to know someone's behavior and often people who met him were read out for mistakes to be corrected.

Before the tsunami occurred, Abu Ibrahim once said that, “Sea water will rise to as high as a coconut tree.”

Ciganjur was a kind of joint MoU between Gus Dur and Abu Ibrahim Woyla. Abu Ibrahim died on July 18, 2009 at the age of 90, while Gus Dur was on December 30, the same year, at the age of 69. Abu Ibrahim's last tomb was not far from his residence in Pasi Aceh Village, Woyla District, West Aceh Regency. For a full month, thousands of people flocked to mourn in order to pay their last respects to the noble man who was born in Tanah Rencong. Tebuireng Islamic Boarding School. Like Ibrahim Woyla, thousands of people spilled onto the road in order to take this Sleeping Mother to Mother Earth, and shook tightly with time.

The Law of Time

Time took our age and returned it to the universe. Why us? Because it is only us in this world who always have business and calculations with time. Even God swears in the name of time and announces the great loss of humans that is stored in time (QS. Al ‘Asr [103]: 1-2). Awareness of the law of time is what distinguishes us from other creatures in the universe. We are the only ones who are afraid to wait for the round of birth time, celebrate it, rejoice, and then lament over the aging self. Age seems to increase. But life rations are left with little.

The law of time distinguishes between the world, the age, the earth, and the artificial period of modern human civilization which is separate from its original environment, the universe of life: the cosmos. This confirms that all of the planetary upheaval and social chaos that we are experiencing now, is directly related to the overriding emphasis on human technology, not the Divine order and nature of life. The problem is caused by a collective misunderstanding of the time (frequency) propagation. Living in an artificial (fake) time, makes our relationship cut off — with our own nature. We always feel like we have “quite a long time.” Whereas the opposite is true.

As time is marred by stones, we also have that ability in 260 units of harmony matrix, 13 hand joints, 20 fingers, and 360 bone segments in the body. All record the time rounds of our respective worlds. Then we choose separation with (and in) time. We always like meeting, and are very worried about separation. Then we are sad, hurt, miserable.

We constantly meet with the present, and always fail to respond to reality, so that the concepts of the past and the future stick out. Time recordings in the past we call memories. What will then happen, we call hope. Both are increasingly complicating our own lives. In fact, nothing can go beyond reality, other than acts of consciousness. In order to be a complete human being, we must learn to dissolve all the attributes and labels that have been stuck from childhood to the present.

The Law of Time states: Energy calculated according to time is the same as art. In this equation, (E [nergi]) refers to all phenomena in our life process; and (W [aktu]) is the current moment that works according to a fixed calculation. Then everything formed by time is art. Based on that, we can ordain life together with art. The beauty of the creation of God that will not repeat itself. Mandiri. The only one. Tunggal manunggal. It can't be equated with any equation. We in such a way, are objects as well as the main subject of life that passes with time.

Let's learn from the survivors of time. Those who have been present in the past, still continue to exist today. We recorded their names and lives into history. Their roles and functions, especially in their lives.

Millions of people today admire their real work — which runs in small points, lines, fields, and universe. Microcosm. The heart of the alit. It becomes natural if their tombs are still crowded with life pilgrims. Religious people refer to this as karomah, sacred, blessings, blessings, saints – from the power of death. Already tens, hundreds, even thousands of years they have gone ahead of us, forever, but their names have also fluttered in this world. Fragrant and fragrant. The end of kalam, we have only one problem: surviving life.

Our Umbu Mpu Tantular is certainly not idle when scratching the sentence, “Bhineka tunggal ika. Tan hana dharma mangrwa, “in the Sutasoma book he wrote in Trowulan, Majapahit, in the 14th century M. His sunny thoughts turned out to be enduring today. “Different but still one. There is no ambiguous religion. “We are indeed different. But there are many similarities. Islam, as well as other religions, never invites its followers to become bromrah.

Looking for a free point between us, almost like spitting. Even though finding the deadline is much easier. Humans are worshipers of curiosity. For he knew that he did not know. A hermit in the Dieng mountains once said, “As much as you know, there is more that you do not know.” That means, our curiosity arises because of ignorance. It is the predicate that attaches so closely to humans.

Debating a religious belief is the same as luminous wrapping with a history of thousands of years. Even though we are not witnesses of a sacred declaration read by the prophets carrying religion, in the presence of his earliest people. Our belief in religion, reaching this realm, is still wrapped up in mere dogmas. Far from true proof. We are so close to naivety, innocence, innocence — which must somehow be clad in arrogance, envy, anger, and hatred.

In the life history of the Prophet Muhammad the sallalla 'alaihi wasallam is known for the Hajj Wada', namely the Prophet's last Hajj as a farewell dish. During the Hajj, the Prophet received a revelation explaining the perfection of Islam, as a religion which Allah cherished, so the gift of Allah's blessing was bestowed upon the Prophet Muhammad and his people in a complete and perfect manner. Revelation was contained in Surah al-Maidah [5]: 3: [19659005] اليوم أكملت لكم دينكم وأتممت عليكم نعمتي ورضيت لكم الإسلام دينا [19659005] “This day I have perfected for you your religion and I have complete the gift of My favor upon you and I have blessed Islam to be your religion. “

The Messenger of Allah and his Companions have lit the lamp that illuminates all mankind, namely in the form of truth and guidance. Before performing the Wada Hajj, the Prophet had felt a time of separation from the people he loved, when the Prophet was still in Mina. The Great Mission which is carried out before the plenary session. Then the last Revelation comes down called in the surah al-Nashr:

إِذَا جَاءَ نَصْرُ اللَّهِ وَالْفَتْحُ. وَرَأَيْتَ النَّاسَ يَدْخُلُونَ فِي دِينِ اللَّهِ أَفْوَاجًا. فَسَبِّحْ بِحَمْدِ رَبِّكَ وَاسْتَغْفِرْهُ إِنَّهُ كَانَ تَوَّابًا

“When Allah's help and victory have come, and you see humans enter the religion of Allah in throngs, praise the name of your Lord and ask forgiveness. Indeed, He is the Reverend of Repentance. “(Surah al-Nashr [110]: 1-3)

The verse above implies the existence of Farewell Day. Muhammad as a Prophet and Apostle, had delivered his message for years and succeeded in freeing Makkah al Mukarromah from idolatry. End-time religious glory cannot be blocked, or suspended again. The Prophet also immediately gathered the Hajj Wada pilgrims who numbered around 150,000. Consisting of various layers of Arab tribes, tribes, and Muslims from other nations.

It was then that the Great Prophet delivered a phenomenal speech recorded by history until now. As Isa who spoke on Mount Golgotha, the Prophet climbed a hill in Mecca, and looked warmly to all the people that he loved, loved, and loved:

أيها الناس اسمعوا قولي فإني لا أدري لعلي لا ألقاكم بعد عامي هذا, بهذا الْمَوْقَفِ أَبَداً

“O my brothers and sisters, listen carefully to my words, verily I do not know, perhaps I will not meet you again in this atmosphere forever.”

For hearing the first sentence from the speech, the Muslims were immediately shocked. No exception are the four main friends who are closest to him. Pusparagam feelings burst out unbearable in the chest of those present there. There are those who start being attacked by emotion, joy, happiness, sadness, sorrow, and tears. There are those who are unable to hold back as they wish, and there are those who are immersed in feelings of unease.

How come, a noble man who had lived among them for 63 years, delivered prophecies about separation that had never occurred to them at all. Before we also dissolve in such an atmosphere, we reveal again one of the universal messages from the speech:

“O people! Surely your God is One, and indeed your ancestors are one. You come from Adam, and Adam comes from the ground. The noblest people among you are the most cautious. There are no advantages of Arabs over non-Arabs, except in their piety. Likewise, white people have no advantages over black people, not even blacks have an advantage over white people, except in their piety. “

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