<pre>Want to get the virtue of Tahajud? But fall asleep, here's the solution


The main task of humans is to worship Allah SWT. Worship here is not only in the form of formal worship and routine, but also worship in the sense of doing good to fellow humans and regulating life in the world so as not to fall prey to destruction. Islam provides many alternatives and places of worship to its followers. Therefore, there are various forms of worship in Islam, there is a compulsory service and there is also a sunnah worship.

Among the forms of sunnah worship are the evening prayers or the midnight prayer which works for some people is certainly very heavy. Because you have to wake up at night to pray to Allah SWT. For people who overslept and did not have time to do the prayer of prayer, then Islam gave another solution to keep getting the same reward as the tahajud. The solution is not to commit immoral acts in the afternoon. Likewise people who do not have time to do sunnah fasting, in order to continue to get the same reward, let him keep oral and words.

Referring to a portion of history from a friend, Abu Laits al-Samarqandi in Tanbihul Ghafilin explained that people who cannot do some of these practices, let him do other deeds so that his reward is not lost and empty. Abu Laits explained:


First, people who want to get the primacy of night prayer, but it turns out he overslept, so don't pretend in the afternoon

Second, people who want to get the sunnah fasting, but he can't do it or cancel it, then

Third, whoever wants to get the primacy of the Hajj, but is unable to do it, then let him worship more on Friday.

Fourth, people who want to get the priority of alms, but are unable to do it , then teach people the knowledge they have obtained.

Thus, if you do not have time to do some of the practices mentioned, try to replace them with other practices as described above.

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