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Waiting for Prabowo and Jokowi's Healthy Competition, Not Just Politicism or Mutual Interference

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More and more days are approaching the end of the year. Soon, humanity, especially the people of Indonesia will experience a change of year whose calculations are based on the sun's circulation. From 2018, it changes to 2019. In 2019, the people of Indonesia will have a big and important agenda, namely the general election to elect the people's representatives and the president and vice president. Although the election time is still a few months away, competition between the two camps for presidential and vice-presidential candidates has been felt today. There are acts of mutual sarcasm, even dropping each other.

Competition that has brought down competitors is very unfortunate. Given that the Indonesian people are a nation known for being religious and civilized. With the existence of a mutual overthrow, is this an indicator that Indonesian nation's civilization has been increasingly eroded? On the other hand, the political maturity of the Indonesian people was also tested. Not infrequently competition in seizing the chair of Indonesian leaders is done by opening the weaknesses of competitors, even making slander that is less accountable.

The interesting thing about political drama in Indonesia involves those who consider themselves the most representative of religion. This is marked by the legitimacy taken from religious arguments to legalize their political behavior, to fight for a formal or open system of formal Islamic law (khilafah), to use religious arguments to bring down competitor parties, to use religious assemblies to utter hate speech

The valuable lesson from this political drama is that nothing is perfect in this world. That is, no matter how someone drops the opponent and reflects the representation of himself and his group, one day there will definitely be a shortage and an open group. Some time ago there were many videos circulating by President Joko Widodo not fluent in reciting Alfâti h (becoming Alfatekah) and singing Deen Assalam songs.

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President Joko Widodo's disrespect was then neutralized to drop his credibility and quality as president as well as presidential candidate. Not long after, the group that overthrew President Joko Widodo had to bear shame. At the 212 reunion, their lord's presidential candidate, Prabowo Subianto, was also not fluent in pronouncing Arabic sentences. At the event, Prabowo had difficulty pronouncing Muhammad Shallallâhu ‘Alayhi wa Sallam (being Shallallah Hulai wa Salam). In fact, at another event, Prabowo also sounded too difficult to say Allah Sub hahaha Wa Ta'lâl (becoming Subhanahu Watuulo).

In fact, groups that consider themselves to be representatives of this religion still experience some mistakes. . Still in the 212 reunion event, there was a child singing the holy verse of the Koran reading the letter An Nisâ verse 141 nicely. Unfortunately, the good quality of the reading rhythm is not matched by the truth of reading the verse. Some words are missing and unread, there are even verses that are skipped. Ironically, none of the millions of people present at the reunion were aware of the mistake and no one justified it. In fact, he said they were the group that best represented the religion of Islam.

In addition, Haikal Hassan who was considered an ustadz by the group who felt the most religious had also misread the Koran letter Ash Shâf verse 10. This mistake was later reprimanded by Prof. Nadirsyah Hossen, Ph.D, who is familiarly called Gus Nadir. After a while, Gus Nadir's twitter was blocked by Haikal Hassan.

This event showed that they would actually form defenses and patterns away if criticized. The irony is that they themselves criticize and even berate some who don't like them. This condition indicates their behavior is not consistent. They like to criticize, but when they are wrong and criticized, they avoid it.

This kind of phenomenon should once again be a lesson, that there is no need to use too many religious propositions to legitimize behavior. If it causes an error, not only is the group bad, but the Islam they bring will have a negative impact. In addition, if you want to attract public sympathy, it should be enough to discuss the vision of building a nation without bringing down political competitors. This is because there are no perfect people, everyone must have been wrong and potentially made mistakes later.

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