Beranda Nahdlatul Ulama English Nine Million Believers in the Issue of 'Jokowi PKI'

Nine Million Believers in the Issue of 'Jokowi PKI'

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The President of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) H Joko Widodo later frequently answered the PKI's accusations against him on various occasions. This he did to refute and at the same time did not want the community to be more 'consumed' by the hoax or hoax.

The number one person in the Republic of Indonesia said that the hoax that cornered him had 'eaten' more than 9 victims. million people. They believe that they are PKI, because someone and / or a group that spread the hoax is very massively polishing it.

“Apparently according to the survey I read, about 9 million people believed in the PKI issue,” he said while visiting the Bahrul Ulum Islamic Boarding School. Tambakberas, Jombang Regency, East Java, Tuesday (18/12) evening

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He then told at the beginning of the accusation that it appeared, both on social media and allegations circulating in the community directly. About 4 (four) years he did allow the hoax to 'flow profusely', because he also had to complete his duties and responsibilities as head of state.

“I actually 4 years of silence did not answer the existing issues. Yes it is time I replied, “Jokowi said as he was familiar.

” I was slandered, denounced and so on, I just kept quiet, I just smiled, but when the community of around 9 million had more confidence in slander then I had to answer, “he added. [19659003] The accusation of the PKI according to the former Governor of DKI was irrational. Because when the PKI was dissolved in 1965, he was still 4 (four) years old. Humans who can be said to be still toddlers of their age certainly do not understand the existence and development of the PKI.

“The PKI was dissolved in 1965. I was born in 1961, my age means still 4 (four) years. Are there PKI toddlers ?,” he asked as he received applause.

He added, after the issue was answered, returned another issue emerged that the PKI was his parents and grandparents. “And I say that I am a Muslim, my mother's father is Muslim, my grandparents are also Muslims. There is no such thing as the era of openness that can be covered up,” he explained. (Syamsul Arifin / Ahmad Rozali)


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