<pre>Use of Micro Endowment Banks for Fried Business Capital to Herbal Medicine



More than 41 Micro Endowment Banks have been established in Islamic boarding schools in the country by the central government through the OJK to help develop community businesses around Islamic boarding schools.

This was as expressed by the President of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) H Joko Widodo during a visit to several pesantren in Jombang, East Java, Tuesday (18/12). Like the Darul Ulum Rejoso Peterongan Islamic Boarding School, Tebuireng Islamic Boarding School, Mambaul Maarif Denanyar, and Bahrul Ulum Tambakberas Islamic Boarding School.


The number one person in the Republic of Indonesia said that the existence of Micro Waqf Banks was widely used by various communities in business capital. Such as the business of fried banana, cracker business, meatballs to business capital of herbal medicine and other types of business.

“I have been going to the pesantren to see the benefits of this Micro Waqf Bank. There are made fried capital, rice, meatballs, also herbs and other businesses, “he said while at the Mambaul Maarif Denanyar Islamic Boarding School in Jombang.

In the future, the former Governor of DKI will continue to visit Islamic boarding schools, especially Islamic boarding schools that have been established to ensure the value of their benefits and functions. The reason is that the government is still determined to set up the bank in a number of Islamic boarding schools.

He hopes that the existence of the Micro Waqf Bank can truly benefit small businesses. “This means that the existence of the bank is really useful for the people who have small economies. Don't underestimate the small things, my child also sells fried bananas,” he said, applauded.

The former Mayor of Solo also stressed that the government will evaluate the development of the Micro Waqf Bank that has been established in Islamic boarding schools. This is done to find out how much more value or business opportunities that people can develop through the use of Micro Waqf Banks.

In addition, the evaluation is a study material in the middle of the government wishing to establish Micro Waqf Banks more mushrooming in Islamic boarding schools. “We will also correct, after we correct and evaluate it we will develop it again for other pesantren,” he said.

To the customers, Jokowi asked to allocate money borrowed through the Micro Waqf Bank to be used on target, namely for capital development business. “Not then the money is used to buy television first, but it is made for business capital. Only after there is profit in saving to buy television and others,” he said. ( Syamsul Arifin / Muiz )


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