Jangan Tergesa-gesa, Kecuali dalam Lima Hal Ini


Something that is done carefully and in no hurry the results will be more perfect, for example someone who is praying in a hurry, the reading, and his movements become less than perfect. But sometimes the haste is highly recommended by Religion. This is like the statement of a great Ulama named Hatim al-A'sham quoted by Abu Abdurrahman as-Sulami in Tabaqat as-Sufiyah :

العَجَلَة من الشيطان ، الا في خمسٍ: إطعامُ الطعامِ ، إذا حضر ضيف; و تجهيز الميت, إذا مات; و تزويج البكر, إذا أدركت; و قضاء الدين, إذا وجب; و التوبة من الذنب, إذا أذنب

Meaning: haste comes from Satan, except in these five things: first, give food to guests. Second, immediately bury the mayyit. Third, marry off a virgin child when it's time. Fourth, immediately pay off the debt. Fifth, immediately repent when making a mistake


In essence, hurry is a whisper from Satan so that humans are wrong or not perfect in any case, especially in matters of worship. But there are some problems that must be hastened because there are great benefits, including:

First, immediately presenting food or drink to guests, this is highly recommended by religion, especially the Prophet's hadith which reads:

ضَيْفَهُ. رَوَاهُ البُخَارِيُّ

Meaning: whoever believes in Allah and the last day must glorify his guests. (HR: AL-Bukhari)

The importance of respecting guests as a sign that Islam cares deeply for fellow human beings, indiscriminately one belief or not, officials or people, all must be respected.

Second, when there is a disaster death, then Islam advocates to hasten the funeral so that the corpse will immediately get a proper place there.

Third, immediately marry the virgin child when it reaches its time, by not buying time for any reason such as unmarried brother, or selfish reasons for parents who wish luxury child marriages to the point of selling land and even a house. So what must be put forward for parents is to save the future of the child from adultery by facilitating his way to get married even though with a simple consensus.

Fourth immediately repay debt when it's time, this is very important, because someone will not enter heaven if they still have debts that have not been paid by the family. Then immediately raise the debt when there is money.

Fifth, immediately repent if you commit immorality so that our sins are always forgiven by God, also do not underestimate the slightest sin because it can make God angry with us.

it is understood that not all who are in a hurry will be mistaken, but there are exceptions that contain good if done immediately. The five things are very important to be implemented immediately, in order to get Rida from Allah SWT, and to create harmony between fellow humans and the natural surroundings.

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