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Mawlid Lovers in Great Britain

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When I received an invitation to the Maulid celebration at a mosque in Southampton, United Kingdom (UK), I was very enthusiastic. Not because I was interested in the event, but my great curiosity about how Muslim communities in the UK took care of their traditions, preserving their culture.

Incidentally, Pak Didheek Wiyono, elder PCI PCI Nahdlatul Ulama was excited, invited to go together. On Saturday (12/08/2018) a sad, dark creeping, we headed to the Abu Bakr Mosque, at Saint Mary, Southampton, to celebrate Mawlid.

We departed after completing the exciting game Chelsea verus Manchester City. Fortunately, the Maulid event was held just after the football show. In this football country, religious events, or community celebrations, are usually scheduled so that they do not collide with football broadcast schedules.

Yes, in England, football is like religion. People come flocking to the football stadium at the weekend, to support their favorite team. Certainly, the weekend is a day where football and sports become rituals. The football stadium was built magnificently like a theater to show the charm of each football star.

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After the soccer match, the Muslim community of Abu Bakr mosque only came one by one. Maulid celebrations begin after Isha prayer, or at 19.00 PM. Prayer times do shift depending on the season. Short days and nights are long, the seasons change.

It's the season before Winter, autumn is almost over. Trees along the University Road road or on Avenue Park, Southampton, have lost their crowns. Yellowing and reddish leaves have fallen out. Sendu, though not gray.

Celebrating the Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad with brothers from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Iran, Afghanistan, Sudan, and several Southeast Asian countries, is certainly a luxury. Most Muslims in the UK are indeed immigrants, with people from Pakistan and India with large populations.

Pakistan and India Muslim communities living in Britain are very strong. They network with inter-communities, which are usually mosque-based. Among the mosques, although they have different traditions, traditions and mass bases, they support each other, strengthen each other.

Although the Muslim community with a population base of Pakistan and India is very dominant, Muslims from Africa and the Middle East also gives color. They are usually descendants of migrant families from former British colonies, or common wealth countries. Among other things, Ceylon, South Africa, to Malaysia.

Mawlid celebrations in Muslim communities in the UK are held in different ways. Some recite prayers with the dziba'i model, praise in Urdu, or lecture on the example of the Prophet.

At Abu Bakr mosque, Syaikh Khaleed Hossein gave a lecture. Shaykh Khaleed was born in Pakistan and grew up in England. From the age of 8, he and his parents migrated to the United Kingdom. He studied Islam in a mosque near his residence, as well as reciting and memorizing the Qur'an from an Imam.

In his lecture, he said how lucky to be a Muslim in England, a country far from the hometown of the Prophet Muhammad. “There have been millions of human beings after Muhammad's prophethood, we are fortunate to be among those who practice Islam, become Muslims,” ​​said Syaikh Khaleed.

“The Mawlid celebration is special. If the celebration of the major events of other religions is only limited to celebrations, not with the Muslim tradition. We love Muhammad, by imitating him, by learning from him, “explained Syaikh Khaleed Hossein. There was no verbal abuse in his lecture, only an invitation to love and do good.

In Britain, the Muslim community grew rapidly. Immigrants contribute a large portion of this growth. Compared to British, Irish, and residents in the Wales region. But, the British political ecosystem, gives people the same opportunity to express their thoughts and rituals of faith, whatever their religion and ethnic background.

In fact, Shadiq Khan, a Muslim of Pakistani descent managed to become Mayor of London. Sadiq Khan was greatly appreciated for his achievements and performance in managing governance in London.

The Muslim population in the UK grew rapidly in the last few decades. In fact, Islam is the second largest religion in the UK. Christianity (Christian, from various orders), became the most followers religion. Then, Islam occupies a population of around 3 million people, or 5 percent of the population of the United Kingdom (data Office for National Statistics, 2018). Followed later by Hindus, Singh and Jews.

Sharing warmth in the middle of Maulid with fellow Muslims in England, very pleasant. Mawlid is a relationship, a bridge of love and affection for lovers of Muhammad, Our Prophet.

The Mawlid celebration at Abu Bakr mosque was ended by eating biryani. The scent of mutton and beef that comes from processed Basmati rice, is typical of the Pakistani-Indian community. From the delicacy of biryani rice, we are fellow Kanjeng lovers of Muhammad, sharing longing (*)

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