Beranda Hikmah Prophet Muhammad, Fatimah and the Story of the Amanah Leader

Prophet Muhammad, Fatimah and the Story of the Amanah Leader

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One time, the Prophet Muhammad had stated before his Companions that if his daughter, Fatimah, stole, surely he would cut his hand in accordance with the law at that time. This very confident statement is of course very risky. Fatimah was her beloved daughter.

So much was the love of the Apostle to her daughter, until Ali, the son-in-law, was forbidden to support Fatimah's love, even though many Companions of the Prophet had more than one wife. Ali, who had been cared for by the Prophet himself since childhood, knew exactly how he loved the Prophet Fatimah, so he never remarried until Fatimah died, not long after the Prophet died.

Even though the Prophet's love for Fatimah was so deep, he still made a gesture assertive. I say this assertiveness is risky because of Fatimah, even though the daughter of a prophet, but still ordinary human beings who are not insecure. Therefore, it is possible that Fatimah made a mistake, including the possibility of committing theft.

Of course, as we know for sure from Islamic history, the Prophet never cut Fatimah's hand, because her beloved daughter never committed theft. But, let's imagine, if Fatimah stole, would the Prophet cut off his daughter's hand or would argue in such a way as to save his daughter?

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If Fatimah stole and the Prophet argued in such a way as to avoid Fatimah from punishment (perhaps quibbling in the name of God's revelation or law specifically that applies to the Prophet and his family or to maintain the credibility of his leadership or whatever), it is possible that the Companions will understand and accept it. But, could the Prophet do that? Even though this is only a presupposition question, I am sure that a thousand percent of the Prophet will not cheat like that.

Al-amien is a title that has been bestowed upon him publicly since he was a teenager. The Meccan community held it al-amien because of its honesty and consistency between oral and its actions. This title is inherent in him until his death. In addition, one of the characteristics inherent in a Prophet is the nature of trust. Amanah refers to the qualifications of a person's personality which has a correspondence between words and behavior. Therefore, trust is also interpreted as “trustworthy” because there is no difference between what is stated and what it acts.

Today, when we are trying to find a trustworthy leader, let us honestly reflect the situation around we. In an era where everyone has the right to sell themselves to be a leader, often we meet people with mouths as sweet as honey. In fact, the artisan garong of the country's wealth can be stylish in front of society as if he were the savior who was sent down by God as the savior of the people. People who for years have taxed suddenly appear in front of audiences like attentive donors. There are also corrupt people who act like holy men by wrapping their heads with caps.

In situations like this, clarity of thought and honesty assessing oneself and others becomes an important key so that we are not deceived by fraudsters who are as sweet as sugar cane. If we really want to find a trustworthy leader, let us see the consistency between what is said and what is done.

If there are people who, when in power, drain the country's wealth to enrich themselves and their families, divert the authority mandated to them, then when he wants foaming-foaming power to voice government cleanliness and people's welfare, do you believe he is a trustworthy leader?

If there is someone who strongly voices anti-corruption but is angry and does not accept when his family and group are arrested by corruption allegations, is it still Do you believe it as a trustworthy leader?

If someone yells at the nepotism and dynastic political practices, but he himself does it when he has the power and authority to determine one's position and position, can you remain blind by worshiping him as a dreamer n that is safe?

If there are people who have been loudly calling for the cessation of the practice of collutiveness in state management but when they have an interest in gaining power they are unashamedly in partnership with the collusion perpetrators, would you be deceived by their sweet mouth?

trust is not an easy matter. But at least let us continue to educate ourselves so that we can apply consistently between what we declare and what we do. Hopefully, this can be our way of emulating the Prophet of our lord, the example of a trustee leader. []

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