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The application of Ustadz Ma'ruf Khozin makes it easy to learn Amaliyah Nahdliyin




Now the application of Ustadz Ma'ruf Khozin is more complete. In addition to more than 70 Amaliyah Aswaja arguments in the previous version of the application, 116 of the latest Aswaja amaliyah arguments have been added.

The presence of this application is expected to make the NU worship more stable and blessing. Coupled with adequate knowledge, strong arguments and proofs. The KH Ma'ruf Khozin application can be uploaded on Ustad Ma'ruf Khozin or

Here is the update complete with the application material of Ustadz Ma'ruf Khozin.

CHAPTER I Ahlissunnah Wal Jamaah


1. Who is the Ahlusunnah wal Jamaah

2. Why Choose Syafii Madhab?

3. Is it true that the Syafii Madhab is not based on the Quran-Hadith?

4. Why Not Move to Other Madhhabs?

5. Is it true that Islam consists of 73 groups?

CHAPTER II Amaliah in Salat

6. Praise Before Prayer

7. Reciting the Intention of Prayer

8. Basmalah Prayer Prayer

9. Qunut Subuh

10. Sujud Sahwi For Not Qunut

11. Dhikr with a loud voice

12. Shaking hands after Greetings

13. Dhikr After Prayer with a Loud Voice

14. Pray with a loud voice

15. Believing in Prayer

16. Agreeing on Imam's Prayer After Prayer

17. Wiping Faces After Praying

18. Where Is the Imam Facing the End of Prayer?

19. Since When Is Tarhim There? “

CHAPTER III Amaliah on Friday

20. Adhan 2 times and Bilal Friday

21. Friday Prayer Sunnah Prayer

22. Bilal Friday

23. Number of 40 Jamaah Friday

24. Sermon Holds Stick

25. Holding the Stick at Hari Raya

26. Pulpit or Podium?

27. Bedug

28. Holidays on Friday

CHAPTER IV Amaliah Ramadlan

29. Tarawih

30. Salawat Between Rakaat Tarawih

31. Separate Prayer Witir

32. Qunut Witir during Ramadan

33. Lupa Qunut Witir

34. Hard Dhikr After Tarawih / Witir

35. Rukyat Hilal

36. Why Not International Rukyat?

CHAPTER V Amaliah of Reading Salawat

37. Salawat Sayidina Muhammad

38. Sayid for addition to the Messenger of Allah

39. Editorial Shalawat Nabi 

40. Salawatan

41. Salawat Accompanied by Body Movement

42. Salawat accompanied by flight

43. Mahallul Qiyam

CHAPTER VI Amaliah in the Islamic Month

44. Amaliah Ashura '

45. Rebo Safar Wekasan Bulan

46. Rabiul Awal, Maulid Nabi

47. Puasa Rajab

48. Nishfu Night Sya’ban

49. 'With' Bulan Sya'ban

50. Tadarus al-Quran in the month of Ramadan

51. Why is Tadarus at Night?

52. I'll read at the 10 End of Ramadan

53. Prayers and Happy Holidays

54. Prayers at the mosque

55. Pilgrimage Grave at Hari Raya

56. Shawwal Moon Fasting

57. Halal Bi Halal of the Month of Shawwal

58. Send each other Ketupat

59. Fasting Tarwiyah and Arafat

60. Sacrificial Animals Become Vehicles in the Hereafter

CHAPTER VII Amaliah of Death

61. Tahlil Dhikr is Useful for Mayites

62. Testimony of Janazah which is not good

63. Accompanying the Body with Tahlil Reading

64. Tomb of the Adhan

65. Talqin And Pilgrimage Makam Kerabat

66. Meng-Qadha ’Salat Mayit

67. Tahlilan

68. Reading Composition in Tahlilan

69. Tahlilan 7 Days, 40 Days and 100 Days

70. Alms Food on Behalf of Mayit

71. Yasinan Malam Friday

72. All Yasin Dhaif and Fake Hadiths?

73. Prayer with al-Fatihah

74. Khataman al-Qur'an Bersama

75. After Khatam Reads al-Baqarah Back

76. Reading Subhanallah Saat Ayat Sajdah

77. Get reward for Mayit

78. Haul Parents and Haul Ulama

79. Closing Prayer

CHAPTER VIII Validity of Aqidah Aswaja

80. Tawassul

81. The Messenger of Allah taught Tawassul:

82. Istighatsah

83. Tabarruk

84. Siksa Kubur

85. Intercession

CHAPTER IX Tariqah (Tarekat)

86. Understanding of Tariqah

87. Tariqah With Sharia Relations

88. Suluk In Tariqah

89. Kinds of Mu'tabarah Tariqah

90. Sanad Thariqah

91. Sanad Disconnected

92. Diploma in Remembrance Through Dreams

93. Mursyid Yang Sempurna

94. Rabithah In Tariqah

95. Entering Two or More Congregations

96. Junub's Hair and Nails

CHAPTER X Tradition in Jurisprudence

97. Practice Is Sourced From Tradition

98. “Salvation” Tradition

99. Tradition of Burying Ari-ari

100. Tradition for Praying for Pregnant Women

101. Why is the Letter of Joseph and Surat Mary?

102. Akikah Tradition on Day 40

103. Siraman Tradition When Marriage Covenant

104. Siraman Air Kembang

CHAPTER XI Variety of Problems

105. Adhan When Babies Are Born

106. Aqiqah 1 Goat For Boys

107. Aqiqah Dulu or Qurban?

108. Talisman For Young Children

109. Amaliah on Hari Raya

110. Spirits Can Return?

111. Poetry at the Mosque

112. The mosque that has the tomb

113. Burning the Blessing in the Grave

114. Decorating the Tomb of Ulama According to Syafiiyah Ulama

115. Prayers Expose Eyes at Adhan

116. Watering the Grave with Flower Water

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