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Morals are spontaneous actions carried out without going through mind control. But the good and bad of a person can be trained to become habits.

“What do you say when tripping. Saying innalillah or even cursing? The words that come out of our mouth when tripping over are reflexes, don't think of what they want to say. Spontaneous expression that appears is moral. The difference between good and bad morals, “said Gus Subkhan Aan Agusta.


According to the Sabilurrosyad Banjarejo boarding school caregiver, everyone can train himself to instill good morals. Starting from a simple thing by saying basmalah every time you will do something.

“Want to wear bismillah reading clothes. Get out of the reading house bismillah. Everything starts with bismillah including even if you don't do it,” he asserted.

Gus Subkhan told, a friend who used to like to drink liquor one day got a diploma from a cleric. To his friend, the kiai asked him to read basmalah every time he would drink. Add drink again, read it.

As a result, his friend did not feel drunk at all even though he had spent many bottles of drinks. Then he looked for another way, drink him a pack to drink elsewhere. But once it opened and just smelled it, the stomach was sick. In short, the friend finally stopped drinking liquor until now.

From that event, it was confirmed that a person's morals could be trained to become a habit. First spoken orally, repeated continuously slowly will seep in and will become a habit.

“Requirements, in learning need istiqamah. There is willingness, do it consistently. Starting from simple things, read basmalah,” he continued.

Morals according to Gus Subkhan mirrors a person's faith and piety. Prophet Muhammad was sent by Allah with the main mission to teach commendable morality.

“The Prophet Muhammad was the morality of the Qur'an. His words and actions were a reflection of the morality taught in the Qur'an,” he explained.

Gus Subkhan's statement was delivered in mauidhoh hasanah Qur'an Recitation and 6th Santri Tahfidz Graduation Tahfidzul Qur'an Islamic Boarding School Al Istiqomah, Penaruban Village, Weleri, Kendal, recently. A total of 35 santri from various regions were graduated from Gus Ali Shodiqun boarding school.

“God willing, santri who have memorized the Qur'an as a form of strong faith and piety,” explained Gus Subkhan. [19659003] To be godly, according to Gus Subkhan, we as Muhammad's people can imitate three things. First, hope in God that everything that is done because of His pleasure. Second, hoping that on the last day that in expecting the final results, it is like farmers who hope for harvest, we need to act so that what is expected is realized. Third, multiply dzikir because it will protect ourselves from things that are not good.

“The dhikr is spoken, something is done in the heart. Physical we are working, but our hearts are always dhikr. When life is revoked we are dhikr, God willing, khusnul khotimah,” concluded Gus Subkhan. (Muhammad Sulhanudin / Kendi Setiawan)


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