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Caretaker of Al-Aqobah Islamic Boarding School in Kwaron Village, Diwek District, Jombang, East Java KH Akhmad Kanzul Fikri shared his experience after visiting KH Mustofa Bisri (Gus Mus) house in Leteh, Rembang, Central Java.

According to him, Gus Mus has a special relationship with KH Abdurrahman Wahid (Gus Dur). He obtained this information after telling a long story with Gus Mus.


“A few days ago our family visited Gus Mus's house, much of which was told by Gus Mus. One of them was a special relationship between Gus Dur. Even before Gus Dur's death he asked specifically for the family to meet Gus Mus, “he said, Tuesday (04/12).

The man who was familiarly called Gus Fikri explained that when he was sick before his last days, Abdurrahman said to his younger brother Dr. Umar that he missed Gus Mus. At that time, Dr. Umar spontaneously prevented Gus Dur from traveling because his condition was weak. Dr. Umar was a doctor who accompanied Gus Dur from his illness to his death.

Dr. Umar had offered to ask Gus Mus to come to meet Gus Dur. However, the offer was rejected by Gus Dur, with a missed reason being Gus Dur, so he should have come to meet Gus Mus, not the other way around. So at that moment, Gus Dur was escorted to meet Gus Mus even though he was ill.

“According to Gus Mus's story, Abdurrahman came with Dr. Umar, his wife and his daughters when they visited Rembang. Strangely, when in Rembang, two this great figure and old friend talked for a long time late into the night. If Gus Dur's wife was not reminded, maybe talking could be longer, until dawn, “added Gus Fikri.

During the farewell of Gus Mus, Gus Dur signaled that he wanted to go to Jombang because he was called by his grandfather KH Hasyim Asy'ari. Sure enough, it was not long before Gus Dur died. And buried in the Tebuireng Islamic Boarding School complex, Jombang. One location with his father KH Wahid Hasyim and his father, KH Hasyim Asy'ari. Since his death, Gus Dur's tomb has never been empty of visitors. Thousands of people each day pilgrimage to his grave.

“Gus Dur and Gus Mus are examples of true friends, the inner relationship between the two was very strong. Evidently before dying in a sick state Gus Dur still remembered Gus Mus and gave a signal about returning to Jombang, “He said.

Gus Fikri said that the meeting between Gus Mus and Gus Dur began when both of them were studying at Al-Azhar University in Egypt. Gus Mus left for Egypt through the recommendation of KH Ali Ma'hum. Although not taking formal education, Gus Mus managed to escape. According to Gus Mus it was because of the karomah of Kiai Ali Ma'hum,

After six months at Al-Azhar, Gus Mus met Gus Dur. Uniquely Gus Dur only registered at Al-Azhar. But I never entered college because I felt that all the subjects in the chosen department had been studied in boarding schools. Gus Dur actually even actively organized and developed global networks / networks. Gus Dur actively gathered students from various countries such as Morocco, France, the Netherlands and Egypt to exchange knowledge and experience.

“After Al-Azhar, Gus Dur went to college in Iraq. After that he invited Gus Mus to move and work in the Netherlands, there Gus Dur lived and worked with more money and even bought a second car, Gus Dur promised to invite Gus Mus to travel around Europe in his car, but this plan failed because Gus Mus had to accompany his mother to go on Hajj, “explained Gus Fikri.

Gus Fikri continued, the friendship between Gus dur and Gus Mus was tenuous when Gus Dur became President of Indonesia. Even so, once in a while these two friends are still often news and stories. Only not as familiar as before.

The similarity between Gus Mus and Gus Dur is quite a lot, one of which lies in a very strong love with the figure of their respective mothers. Gus Mus repeatedly rejected important positions in this country because he could not get permission from his mother. Likewise Gus Dur, if called by the mother must come immediately. Even during the debate with his younger siblings, Abdurrahman did not want to budge, his younger brothers and sisters came to his mother. Only Gus Dur was obedient and silent.

“Gus Dur was very respectful of his mother, naturally a great figure. According to Gus Mus, there were 2 Islamic figures who were prima donna at the time. Namely Gus Dur and Cak Nur (Nurcholish Majid). a figure who is intellectual and clever in general science and religion. Both of them also come from Jombang. But Gus Dur is a little superior because it has a stronger “root”, “said Gus Fikri. ( Syarif Abdurrahman / Muiz )


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