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Long Way Asma Murabit Fighting for Equality of Women

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Asma Murabit, woman born in Rabat, Morocco, 1959 M. She is one of the tens of the world's leading female activists and intellectuals today. Even though he was a doctor, as well as a Doctor, his mastery of religious texts was quite good. He has written a number of books on Islam and Women. Some of them are: “Al-Qur'an wa Al-Nisa, Qiraah Li al-Taharrur” and “Al-Nisa wa Al-Rijal fi al-Qur'an:” Ayat Musawseah “and” Al-Thariq al-Tsalits ” He was also the director of the Center for Islamic and Women's Studies “, for a long time and a number of other prestigious positions.

Asma Murabith saw with her eyes about the discriminatory social realities of women's rights in the world, especially in the Muslim world to this day . He is very nervous about this fact. Interesting words:

إن وضع المرأة في كل البلدان العربية والإسلامية مأساوي ومحزن “

” The situation of women in all the Arab and Islamic worlds is very sad and very concerning. “

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Then he said:

“نحن نحتاج إلى المزيد من احترام المرأة في الإسلام وتقديرها. فهذا يعني أنَّه لا بد من إعادة قراءة النصوص من جديد “، ووصفت التفسيرات السائدة حتى الآن بكفتها ذكورية وأبوية.

” We are required to give higher respect and appreciation to women. This means that we are required to reinterpret the religious texts. Intellectual products (interpretations) that have developed so far are interpretations that are influenced by the ideology of patriarchism “. An interpretation according to perspective and for the interests of men. “

In Asma's view, they are still firmly justifying male superiority and subordination and inferiority of women and what they consider to be God's decision.

Like its predecessor activists, among others Nabawiyah Musa (Egypt), Nazhirah Zainuddin (Aleppo, Iraq), Fatimah Mernisi (Morocco), Laela Ahmad (Cairo), Aminah Wadud Muhsin (America), Asma Barlas (Pakistan), Taher Haddad (Tunisia) and others, Asma Murabit, suing and launching sharp and almost comprehensive criticism of traditional or conservative religious views that discriminate against women, as written in their books, both interpretations and Fiqh. He demanded the liberation of women from the shackles of interpretations of fiqh experts who demeaned women to return to the Qur'an and the vision of Islam.

The Holy Qur'an never subordinates humans on the basis of sex, and on the basis of identity any primordial.

It is interesting when Asma discusses at length two crucial terms as well as keywords that form the basis of the problem of the inequality of male and female relations. Namely “Qiwamah” and “Territory”. He sharply criticized the views of classical and modern interpreters of the two terms. According to him, the interpreters still maintain their opinion that men must be the head of the family, as explicitly mentioned by the Qur'an, surah Al-Nisa, 34.

For him this view is contrary to the texts of the Qur'an others about equality of men and women as among others in QS Al-Hujurat, 13, Q.S. Al-Nisa, 1, Q.S. Al-A'raf, 189, and many more. Furthermore, it is contrary to the principles of Tawheed and Justice.

Asma's views are critical, progressive and transformative, as revealed in this book and other books that have generated controversy among a number of religious experts in his country. Many parties oppose their opinions which are stigmatized as “liberal.”

He gets a lot of pejorative stigma and psychological stresses. But at the same time also praise from some people. but was also awarded as a 2013 Arab Social Activist.

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