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Lately, murder cases are very prevalent in Indonesia. Various cases of murder occurred on the basis of various motives ranging from motives of heartache, revenge, wanting to control the property of the victim, and so on. The recent murder cases have been carried out with extreme sadism regardless of conscience. Even murder cases can be carried out by anyone including family or close relatives.

Like the sadistic murder case that struck a family in Bekasi on November 13, 2018, four family members were killed by their own families using a top crowbar the basis of the motive of heartache.

Not only that, sadistic murder cases also occurred in a driver of a grab car from Palembang who had disappeared since October 29, 2018. The victim's body and clothes were later found on November 13, 2018 with the condition of the bones that have been separated.


Terrible and pathetic, those are two words imagined in anyone's mind when hearing murder cases that are rampant happening. To anticipate crime and crime, Muslims should ask for protection from Allah from all acts of crime by praying.

What prayer should be offered to ask for protection from Allah? In the past, the Messenger of Allāh membaca always read several letters as a form of asking for protection from Allah from the evil of humans and demons. The letter is al-Mu'awwidzatain. Surat al-Mu'awwidzatain is Surat al-Falaq and Surat an-Nas which has a high position in the Koran.

From Abu Sa'id Al-Khudri RA, in a hadith mentioned, “Rasulullah SAW took refuge from his eyes evil genie and human. When al-Mu'awwidzatain (an-Nas and al-Falaq) descended, he used it and left the others.

The Prophet always read it every time after performing obligatory prayers. In addition, he also reads this letter every time he will go to sleep to avoid the disturbance of the genie when he falls asleep. “Rasulullah SAW ordered me to read al-Mu'awwidzat after each prayer.” (Narrated by Abu Dawud)

In another hadith, the Messenger of Allah said, “O 'Uqbah, read both every time you sleep and wake up. It is not possible for someone to ask for or take refuge with both. “ (Narrated by Ahmad and Ibn Khuzaimah)

Therefore, Muslims should read Surat al-Falaq and the letter of Nas to ask for protection from Allah to always be spared from the evil of humans and demons.

In addition, sometimes someone can be in a very urgent emergency. For example, there is a threat from wild animals or humans that must immediately seek help. But usually not everyone can immediately come to give help even though the threatening conditions are very dangerous.

If under such conditions, then ask God for help by reading the following prayer.

Bismillâhirrahmânirrahîm walâ haula walâ quwwata illâ billâhil 'aliyyil' adhîm .

What that means is, “ In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Merciful. There is no power and effort except with (help) the Most High Allah, the Most Great . “

The prayer was taught by the Prophet Muhammad to Sayyidina Ali when it was beset by life-threatening difficulties.

Thus prayers should be read by Muslims to avoid various kinds of human and satanic crimes. If you are in a life-threatening condition, then read the prayer taught by the Prophet Muhammad to Sayyidina Ali as mentioned above. Whoever reads the prayer, surely God will eventually eliminate various calamities according to His will.

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