Beranda Do'a Read the Ukhdud prayer of prayer, this is its virtue

Read the Ukhdud prayer of prayer, this is its virtue

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Ashabul Ukhdud is a believer who is burned in a ditch by a tyrannical ruler because he keeps his faith in Allah. Before he was burned in a ditch, he was about to be killed by being thrown from the top of a mountain and drowned in the middle of the sea. But he was saved by God for reading this prayer;

“O Allah, make me sufficient of their evil in the way that you want.”

In the book Al-Tawwabin Ibn Qudamah mentions a story about the virtue of Ukhdud's Ashabul prayer. This story is told by Ummul Malik bint Hisham, that one night Imam Atha 'Al-Azraq left the house to go to the field to perform the evening prayer. Before arriving at the destination, suddenly he was confronted by a robber.

In order to avoid the crime of this robber, he prayed as prayer Ahabul Ukhdud.

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اللهُمَّ اكْفِنِيهِ

19659004] After Imam Atha 'read this prayer, suddenly the robbers' hands and feet became stiff. He could not move until he cried and shouted, “By Allah, I will not rob again.”

Then Imam Atha 'prayed for the robber so that he could escape and be able to move. When he left, the robber always followed him.

“I beg you very much, who are you ?,” the robber asked.

“I am Atha”, “answered Imam Atha.”

split up. While the robber did not recognize the face of the Imam Atha 'Al-Azraq because it was still dark in the middle of the night.

In the morning, the robber asked the surrounding community. “You know, who is the pious person who comes out to the field doing the night prayer?”

“We know, he is Atha 'Al-Sulami,” said the resident.

Then the robber immediately met Atha' Al-Sulami and said, “I met you to repent of my bad deeds.”

After hearing the robber's story, Then Atha Al-Sulami raised his hand up and prayed. He cried, then told the former robber, “You're wrong, it's not me. That is Atha 'Al-Azraq. “

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