<pre>This is the Similarity between Thanos and Terrorism Ideology in Indonesia


It is undeniable that Avengers: Infinity War became one of the most popular and most talked about films throughout 2018. Narrated, the Marvel superheroes in the film unite to defeat Thanos. This character of Titan Titan One has the ambition to balance the world by eliminating half of the human population in the universe. If explored further, Thanos's ideology is apparently not much different from the terrorists who often disturb Indonesian society.

There is Thanos' danger which is far greater than the strength of his weapon. What made his figure so feared was not actually the five soul stones that were collected (or captured, more precisely) from the superheroes of the Avengers. Nor are his accomplices like Ebony Maw who can even overwhelm Iron Man when facing him. Thanos's horror lies more in ideology which he believes in and subordinates to his subordinates.

Thanos moves on the basis that he does the right thing. He is not Hela in Thor: Ragnarok who was willing to kill for power in Asgard. It is also different from Erik Killmonger in the Black Panther who fought for the throne on Wakanda. Unlike other antagonists who move because of the impulse of power or property, Thanos eliminates human life because he feels that is the right thing to do. He thought, he would bring the balance of the world by killing half of the living beings.


It was Thanos's ideology that made it difficult to defeat. Because he moves on goals that he thinks are good, whatever he is willing to sacrifice, even his own daughter, in order to fulfill his ambitions. This ideology is what he spreads to his accomplices. Be, Thanos's movement is increasingly difficult to stem. In fact, it was so difficult to defeat, until the end of the film was told by the superheroes. The Avengers had not been able to beat back the mad titan.

This wrong ideology turned out to be shared by terrorists. Often the motive for suicide bombers that disturbs the public is because they want to strive for jihad. Just mention Ahmad Yosefa Ahmad, suicide bomber of the Full Gospel Bethel Church in Solo, Central Java in September 2011. Likewise with the bomb blast case in three churches in Surabaya in May 2018 carried out by the Ansar Jamaah Daulah-Jamaah Ansharut Tauhid (JAD- JAT).

The motives of the perpetrators are not because they want revenge or intentionally create trouble. They are purely doing it on the basis of jihad or fighting in the way of Allah. They think, by detonating bombs and killing human lives, they have done the right thing. In fact, not infrequently those who commit suicide bombings in hopes of being martyred and entering heaven. The terrorists who were caught and put behind bars were on average not showing an expression of guilt.

The ideology embraced by terrorists is clearly misguided, as well as the ideology of Thanos. Worse yet, the leaders of terrorist groups will instill this ideology with their subordinates. As a result, terrorist accomplices have thoughts in their heads that detonating bombs in public places is part of jihad. This is one of the things that makes the terrorist movement very difficult to eradicate. Ideologies that have been firmly planted will not be easy to erase and eliminate.

It is important to remember that Islam itself is very hateful towards violence especially war. Allah says in the Quran Surah al-Baqarah verse 216 which means “ It is obligatory for you to fight, even though fighting is something you don't like, (but) you might hate something, even though it is good for you, and it could be ( pila) you like something, even though it is bad for you; God knows, while you do not know .

Even in Islam itself there is an adab in war which must be fulfilled. Among them is not to kill children, women, parents, sick patients, religious leaders and animals. It is also not permissible to cut trees and destroy places of worship or buildings. The terrorist act that bombed a house of worship to cause death is certainly contrary to this adab.

Who benefited most from Thanos's ideology and his plan to destroy half the universe? Of course the creator aka Marvel Studios. That said, in just 10 weeks after its release, Avengers: Infinity War had pocketed coffers of money amounting to 673.9 million dollars, equivalent to 9 trillion rupiah. Then, who has benefited the most from a series of acts of terrorism in Indonesia? Of course, the creators who succeeded in creating chaos and the inter-religious commotion.

It is fitting that we as a religious Indonesian nation are not provoked by the issues of terrorism that are rife today. Fortifying yourself with strong faith will help us not easily be swayed by the teachings of terrorism. Always being in a positive environment can also distance itself from radical notions that can damage national unity.

Wallahu alam.

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