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Innaa lillaahi wa innaa ilaihi rooji’uun. Have passed away to Rahmatullah, Tuesday (13/11) at 14.45 WIB KH. Su'udy Karim, Caregiver and Founder of Tanfirul Ghoyyi Lamongan Islamic Boarding School who is also Rais Syuriyah Lamongan PCNU at the age of 73.

Participated in accompanying the deceased's body, KH Abdul Aziz Khoiri, KH Masnur Arif, KH Abdussalam, KH Mas'ud Al Mujnar, KH Muhaimin, KH Samsul Anam, KH Hamid, Habib Husen Al Haddad, Management of Lamongan and Babat PCNU, and Lamongan H Fadeli Regent along with the Muspida ranks, and muspika present among thousands of other mourners delivered the departure of the deceased.


the family of the deceased stated that the Lamongan community lost the charismatic kiai figure, the elders of the Lamongan community who had been exemplary.

The same thing was conveyed by KH Abdul Aziz Khoiri after the prayer at the Great Mosque of Lamongan.

“He is a close friend I am from Malang and have been living in Lamongan for decades, the cleric who is praised at NU is undoubtedly, he is also the Nadzir Council of the Great Mosque Lamongan, the Advisory Board of MUI Lamongan as well as the Nadzir Council at MTs Putra and MA Development Lamongan until now, his life is very simple and trustworthy, until he faces Allah SWT, “said Kiai Aziz.

Meanwhile, Ustadz Zaim Fahmi, as The Chairman of the Islamic Boarding School Alumni Tanfirul Ghoyyi Lamongan said, Mautul 'alim, mautul alam. Death of pious people, the death of nature. “We lost the pious kiai and expert in jurisprudence,” he said.

The body of the deceased was buried in the family burial area next to the funeral of Groyok neighborhood residents.

KH Su'udy Karim was a caretaker of Tanfirul Ghoyyi Lamongan Islamic Boarding School or often called Pondok Groyok. The Islamic boarding school which was founded in 1981 has produced thousands of alumni from various parts of the city and regency.

Most of them are memorizing Al-Qur'an 30 Juz so that many of their santri have now become kiai in their villages. Kiai Su'udy left a wife and 8 sons and daughters who were all ready to continue the struggle of their parents. (Red: Fathoni)


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