<pre>Dai Wasathiyah Academy, Efforts to Print Dai Moderate in Lampung


Islam forbids followers to impose their will, including preaching to spread religion in the community. Da'wah must be done wisely and pay attention to the condition of the community that is invited with good advice and dialogue. This is where the strategic role of the dai or preachers in the community. They became patrons or role models for the people.

The message conveyed by the dai about true Islam, peaceful Islam, Islam that is cool and reassuring to all people even to the universe ( Rahmatan lil Alamin ), will greatly influenced by the quality of their understanding and message. Dai and the preachers are the vanguard of Islamic broadcasting.

This was said by the Chairman of the Lampung Provincial Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) KH Khairuddin Tahmid regarding the steps of the Lampung MUI which would hold the Dai Wasathiyah Academy for dai in Lampung Province.

“Arrangement, briefing and training of moderate preaching cadres ( wasathiyah ), who loved the homeland ( hubbul wathan ) and NKRI adhesives needed to be encouraged. This is to maintain the uprightness of the Republic of Indonesia Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution from other interpretations that can damage it, “he told Monday (12/11).


He explained that the Dai Wasathiyah Academy would be attended by participants who were delegates from MUI districts / cities, Islamic organizations, Islamic boarding schools in Lampung Province. For the first generation, the Dai Wasathiyah Academy will be attended by 40 participants and will be selected according to the qualification standards set by the Lampung Province MUI.

The specified qualifications include being able to read the Qur'an well, master Arabic, preferably alumni Islamic boarding schools and / or religious scholars, have high motivation to become professional ministers, physically and mentally healthy, have lecture skills ( public speaking] and write news, are willing to stay in dormitories during training, and are aged 22-50 years.

“The Dai Wasathiyah Academy will be held for three days from Thursday to Saturday (December 13-15 2018) at Wisma Haji Lungsir Bandar Lampung,” said Deputy Rais Syuriyah PWNU Lampung.

Various materials will be obtained by the participants who will be the capital for them when they return to plunge into the midst of the community, deliver their da'wah material. These materials include the preaching of fiqh and the methodology of wasathiyah preaching in the contemporary era, the danger of radicalism in Indonesia and its prevention, the sociology and psychology of da'wah, public speaking and the rhetoric of da'wah, sociology and psychology of da'wah and other material such as physical exercise , heart and soul.

“We hope that the dai in Lampung will improve in quality both from mastery of da'wah material ( maddah ), moderate ways of thinking ( manhaj wasathiyah ) and the media ( washilah ) and understanding local wisdom ( local wisdom ) and social dynamics for the success of missionary work in the community, “he hoped. (Muhammad Faizin)


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