<pre>This Blind Sister Sister Is Idolized by President Jokowi and Haddad Alwi



I can also work, can also sing like Abi Haddad Alwi

I want to be president like Mr. Jokowi builds this country.


It is Hafidz and Rifqi, blind brothers who like President Jokowi so and prayer hall singer Haddad Alwi. Because he idolized, they sang it into a song (Link song: https://youtu.be/oUAk4GqsXQ4) with his idol, Haddad Alwi.

Andre, the songwriter and their mentor, brought together his two students with their idols, Haddad Alwi. Initially, the man famous for the album Muhammad My Prophet was scheduled to recite prayer in Bojonegoro at the commemoration to fulfill his regent's invitation.

The night before the performance, the Solo-born singer first practiced in a music studio. Andre as the studio owner told me that he had two students trained in his music school, namely Hafidz and Rifqi.

“This is good if Mas Haddad can collaborate with them,” Haddad Alwi mimicked Andre's invitation to on Saturday (10 /11).

Of course he accepted it with pleasure. The next morning, the two children immediately recorded with their idol.

Having met Haddad, they also wished they could meet President Jokowi, another idol. “Hopefully Mr. Jokowi heard and called them to the palace to encourage them to live their lives,” Haddad said.

Haddad Alwi said that limited circumstances did not prevent them from continuing to be passionate about living their lives.

“They showed the public even though their situation was limited but their enthusiasm was still burning, “he said.

Andre revealed that their aspirations were indeed becoming professional musicians or singers. 2nd grade students of Bojonegoro Middle School and 4th grade of the Bojonegoro Special School (SLB), according to Andre, included independent children. They can ride bicycles and get an Al-Qur'an reading achievement in East Java.

Furthermore, Andre also tells that Hafidz is adept at playing dangdut drums, while his younger brother, Rifqi, completes it by singing dangdut. “Several times while waiting for tutoring hours, they both jammed dangdut songs,” he said.

Uniquely, continued the owner of the Harmonni Music School Event, because in the studio there were no drums, Hafidz could play cajon, but the sound was similar to dangdut drums. [19659005] His involvement in the Bojonegoro Inclusion Society (FMI) Forum made Andre not so difficult to develop them. Moreover, according to him, they are intelligent and cheerful children.

“There is a little more experience to deal with ABK children (children with special needs),” he said.

For Hafidz who was growing up, at the beginning the recording had to adjust how to sing in view of changes in the vocal cords. While for Rifqi, according to him, he is currently in a period of self-confidence. All lessons before recording can be followed.

“One of our curriculums is recording and making works,” he said. ( Syakir NF / Muiz )


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