Beranda Nahdlatul Ulama English The pesantren bill can be sharply highlighted by Kiai in Kediri Raya

The pesantren bill can be sharply highlighted by Kiai in Kediri Raya

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Along with the leadership of the Pro Sholawat (Mas Prosh) Council of Kediri Raya which brought together a number of young scholars in the Kediri Raya to conduct special discussions regarding the Islamic Boarding School and Religious Education Bill. The activity which took place at the Fathul Mubtadiin Islamic Boarding School, Prambon, Nganjuk, East Java, highlighted the existence of the Bill sharply. Kediri City, Saturday (11/10).

But unfortunately, your Islamic boarding school is the aspiration of the pesantren kiai, especially those who are members of the Muadalah Islamic Boarding School Communication Forum or FKPM are not included in the bill. “Even though the members of the forum are a number of large Islamic boarding schools across Indonesia such as Lirboyo, Al-Anwar Sarang, Sidogiri Pasuruan and Darussalam Gontor,” he said.

In his presentation, the struggle of the pesantren kiai has been for years, starting in mid-2007 with the Ministry of Religion or Ministry of Religion to produce a draft bill and has been translated into the DPR-RI. “Precisely the draft was not included in the current bill,” said Kiai Dahlan, his familiar greeting.

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It was not surprising at the meeting that the kiai's resistance to the Pesantren Bill was developing. “Because it did not accommodate those aspirations,” he said.

Rahman, Legislative Body (Baleg) of the DPR-RI The PKB faction present at the assembly appreciated the input from the kiai. “Making this bill difficult, is not an easy thing. So we go down socialization and test the public to absorb aspirations from the community. “The evening assembly is a very important input,” he said.

Ustadz Ahmad Muntaha AM as Secretary of the Regional Leadership (PW) of East Java Bahtsul Masail Institute Nahdlatul Ulama (LBM NU) who was actively involved in the discussion of the bill said he would accommodate input from aspirations who developed in the assembly.

“Tuesday (13/11, red) ahead, there is an agenda for the meeting of the PWNU Islamic Boarding School Board of East Java meeting as a follow-up to the bahtsul masail that has been implemented. Various input from the assembly, especially the aspirations of the scholars related to your pesantren, will certainly be accommodated and acted upon, “he explained.

The activity led by moderator Kiai Nadhirin succeeded in reviving the atmosphere of discussion.

Trenggalek, MIA Tulungagung, Mantenan Blitar and Al-Muhibbin Nganjuk. In addition, NU officials and activists from all over Kediri Raya also appeared. ( Ibn Nawawi )

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