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The repentance of the sins we have ever committed is not easy. In fact, sometimes we enjoy the act of sin and immorality without feeling the need to immediately regret it. We sometimes feel guilty when committing sins, even though we also seem to have no power to repent and end it. If our conditions are so, then we should reflect on Ibrahim bin Adham's advice so that we can stop committing immorality to Allah.

One day, there was a man who met Ibrahim bin Adham. He came to consult about his condition that he never wanted to stop acting. “O Aba Ishak, all this time I like to engage in mockery. Therefore, please give me advice. “

After hearing the man's request, Ibrahim said,” If you want to receive five advice and be able to carry it out, then you can continue to commit immorality. “


The man asked,” Is that advice, O Aba Ishak? “

Ibrahim bin Adham said,” First advice, if you are committing to Allah, then do not eat His sustenance. “

Hearing this, he frowned as he said, “Then where do I want to eat? Is not all that is on earth this is God's sustenance? “

” Yes, “Ibrahim bin Adham answered firmly. “If you understand it, can you still eat the sustenance, while you always want to violate His prohibitions?”

“The second,” continued Ibrahim, “if you want to act, do not stay on His earth.”

These words surprised the man. Then Ibrahim continued, “O Abdullah, think, are you worthy to eat His sustenance and stay on His earth, while you violate His prohibitions?”

“Yes, you are right,” the man responded . Then he asked for third advice. Ibrahim replied, “If you still want to engage in mockery, look for a hidden place that cannot be seen by Him.”

The man was surprised again and said, “O Ibrahim, what kind of advice is this ?. How could God not see us? “

” Yes, if indeed you know that, are you still willing to commit immorality ?, “said Ibrahim. Men then ask for fourth advice. Ibrahim continued, “If the angel of death comes to take away your spirit, say to him, ikan Tap my death first. I still want to repent and do good deeds. '”

Then the man immediately said,” O Ibrahim, where might the angel of death fulfill my request? “

” O Abdullah, if you believe that you are not may delay and postpone the coming of your death, then how can you run away from the wrath of Allah? “

” Well, what is the fifth advice? “Ibrahim replied,” O Abdullah, if the angel Zabaniyah comes to accompany you to hellfire in the day doomsday, don't come with him. “The advice made him realize. Then he said, “O Aba Ishak, surely the angel did not let me reject his will.”

The man could not bear to hear Ibrahim bin Adham's words anymore. In a state of tears, he said, “From now on I repent to God.”

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