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Ilhan Omar, First Hijab Woman in the US Congress

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The United States again held a part-time election for congressmen, senates and governors of the United States (US) on Tuesday (6/11). Midterm elections are held every first Tuesday of November in even years, while presidential elections are only held every four years. It was the election of members of Congress that did not coincide with the presidential elections which were called part-time elections.

During the election, Ilhan Omar was elected from the fifth congressional district at Minnoseta. Omar is a Somali-born woman who came to the US at the age of 14. He and his family tried to escape from the civil war that took place in his home country, since then Omar and his family finally settled in the US.

Omar was named the first Muslim hijab user to attend this US congress. He was also the first Somali-American to achieve achievements towards the congress. This 36-year-old woman campaigned for health insurance and higher education free of charge.

As a minority in the US, Islamophobia is quite a challenge for Omar. Muslim Advocates published a report that more than 80 examples of political candidates used anti-Muslim rhetoric in 2017 and 2018.

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Omar even claimed to have faced Islamophobic attacks during the campaign period. He was rumored to have married his brother and had a relationship with a terrorist. But the attack did not seem to have an effect on the election.

Besides Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Palestinian American Muslim women also managed to excel in the 13th congressional district of Michigan. In print history, the 42-year-old woman was also named the first Muslim woman to win the legislative seat in Michigan in 2008. He championed a number of progressive policies, including criticizing immigration and enforcement of customs.

As reported by Aljazeera, in his campaign Tlaib promised to maintain a fixed minimum wage of US $ 15, prevent cuts to welfare programs such as insurance and social security, and stop tax breaks for big company.

The election of Tlaib and Omar is a new milestone in America, America is increasingly opening up opportunities for minorities. The election of Tlaib and Omar is also expected to be able to dismiss Islamophobia in Western countries.

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