Cerita Kaum Beriman di Gunung Qaff


Prophet Muhammad said that one night Mi'raj had a place that caught the Prophet's attention. It is located behind a mountain known as Mount Qaff. A mountain that is no bigger in size and also no smaller than 70 other mountains around it. The place does look so striking. Looks white like silver and shiny as glass. There was also inhabited by Banu Adam (man) who made him resemble a city.

The Prophet also came to that place and engaged in dialogue with his inhabitants. Like a conversation between strangers with each other, the Prophet began by asking who they really were. Then they began to introduce themselves and told of their origins.

“We are a people from the Children of Israel. When Prophet Musa (as) passed away, there was a 'difference' between the Children of Israel which caused damage to be seen everywhere. “


(At one time, there were at least 40 Prophets killed. Then one day, 200 worshipers and zuhud the amar ma'ruf nahi munkar was also killed by the Children of Israel.

“Since then, we have also left their class (Bani Israil) and gone to the beach. Then we pray to God to be saved from the damage. Then after we pleaded with God, a hole appeared on earth. Then we entered and were there for 18 months. “

After we left that place, Prophet Musa AS told us,” If one of you sees the face of Muhammad, who is the End Times Prophet, say hello from me. Give thanks to the One who has shown his face, and ask that he may teach the Qur'an. “

In order to carry out what Moses had told his people, the Prophet taught them the Qur'an, prayers, fasting, establishing Friday prayers” at and other shari'ah laws.

The Prophet then asked several questions when he saw “strange” things in the city. For example, when the Prophet found that their house was without doors and just like being left open. Their home wall has the same color. What is the reason? They then said that because among them there was no fear between each other. And the uniform colored walls of the house are manifestations of their same hearts.

The Prophet also found other irregularities around their homes. Namely the existence of graves that are located right near the door of their house. They then said that by looking at the grave, we would not be busy with the world and would not forget death. After knowing the mosque which was located far from their homes, the Prophet continued his question.

They then said that in fact the reward of coming to a mosque which was further away was added to visiting a nearby mosque. Also tell what they did to survive like berck planting and raising livestock.

“We berck planting and surrendering to God until the time of harvest. Then we agreed and gathered in a place to get enough results to suit our needs and leave the rest here. Our cattle are in the field. We went to our cattle when we needed and left the rest in that place. “

Furthermore, the Prophet observed their behavior. The Prophet saw that their faces looked so pale. They never laugh. They also never get sick. Therefore, the Prophet asked what was the cause of all these signs.

They explained that “Surely laughter darkens the heart. So we don't do that. Whereas sickness is the redeemer of the sins committed. Whereas we do not sin. We are like people who are sick and look so pale because this pale face is caused by fear of death. “

” Do you have people who die? “Asked the Prophet. They answered “yes, every year there are several bodies”.

Thus the Prophet concluded his meeting with the Children of Israel whom he met. What the Prophet said, is the unseen realm that no one can know except Allah SWT. []

* Adapted from the book Interpretation of the Letter of Yaasiin written by Shaykh Hamami Zadah

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