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Habib Rizieq and Similar ISIS Flags in Mecca, How to See This?



Habib Rizieq reportedly got a problem in Saudi Arabia, he was questioned by the Arab security authorities regarding a black flag bearing tawhid in his house. The flag was displayed in front of the residence of the house of the High Priest of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) in Mecca. This examination even made him detained, even at 8 o'clock at night local time.

Then, why was Habib Rizieq treated like this? Is there something wrong or awkward with the flag?

Saudi Arabia's authority is known to be very strict regarding the rules of the flag. Treat it not only for civilians, but also for foreigners. In fact, for some products that are associated with green flags that read Tauhid and swords belonging to the Saudi Kingdom they are so strict.

In the description of BBC, The black flag that was attached to the house of Habib Rizieq was considered similar to ISIS flag. Some local residents in Mecca reported the presence of the flag to Saudi security authorities. By residents, the flag is considered 'similar to ISIS'. It could be, it is considered dangerous.


ISIS is a terrorist and extremist organization that is so hated by the public, especially in the Arabian Peninsula. And, the Saudi authorities openly waged war against ISIS at all levels. For this reason, the matters related to this organization are indeed the Saudi kingdom is very careful.

Prince Saud al-Faisal Al Saud, Saudi Foreign Minister, some time ago explained his country openly against ISIS or anything that has to do with it. For this reason, in an organizational manner, the kingdom will strictly protect its citizens from all things that smell of extremism.

This is of course understandable considering that Saudi Arabia is indeed carrying out massive reforms to change the international public view of the Conservative-famous Arabs – and on the other hand, it is considered close to Wahabism and at other points close to extremism.

Regarding this effort, of course you can easily find this on the internet, for example, it is only permissible for women to own their own vehicles or cinemas that are new or not. other things, something that was so difficult to find some time ago. This freedom is hard to find in Arabia, but slowly Arab reform made things possible.

The incident that happened to Habib Rizieq was roughly related to the efforts of the Arab authorities to “protect” themselves. Moreover, regarding the black flag that says Tauhid it is considered a symbol with ISIS that they are opposed to. Or, it could be, in some analyzes, could be considered close to the strengthening of international pane movement, some even called the flag identical to Hizb ut-Tahrir.

“Consular function official of the Indonesian Consulate in Jeddah has provided consular assistance to MRS (Muhammad Rizieq Shihab) as given to all Indonesian citizens who face legal problems abroad, “said the official statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In the same statement it was stated that Habib Rizieq was questioned for information regarding reports from these residents, similar to the ISIS flag, said the statement , and is on the wall of Rizieq's house. In rumors and photos circulating in whatsapp groups, even, there was a photo of the house and Habib Rizieq who was facing or talking with some local security.

Until now, the facts have not been revealed for sure. However, the case of Habib Rizieq and the tauhid flag implies an important message. It turns out that in Saudi Arabia the issue of freedom is not like in Indonesia which can easily 'do anything'. Starting from the affairs of women who are free to become anything and anything, and organizations that are free to move. In fact, in matters related to Saudi Arabia religion is very strict.

Of course, we do not forget the fact that some lectures that are considered dangerous are captured by local authorities, not to mention other problems and tend to be more conservative, something that might happen in the country we will easily give the label 'criminalization' plus the addition of the word 'criminalization of ulama' or the like. Do you agree?

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