<pre>The Story of Hate from Time to Time: From Adolf Hitler to the Prophet Muhammad


Who doesn't know Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Pak Harto. Hitler and Stalin were the people who were most hated by all Europeans. How not, just imagine, besides they are the culprit of the eruption of the Second World War, which made the world chaotic, Hitler and Stalin were the most violent perpetrators of genocide in the history of Homo sapiens.

Hitler did hate propaganda and mass extermination of Jews in Europe. Whoever has the fate of being destined to be born of a Jewish family, he must be prepared to be camped by Hitler and his fascist army. Campaigning is the name for the method of torture and mass murder by including Jews into a room that was given a killer gas.

Similarly Stalin, he was as violent as Hitler. Stalin, serving as political chairman of the Soviet Union's Communist Party (PKUS) bureau, replaced Vladimir Lenin who hurriedly died before the Bolshevik Revolution program was implemented. Some say that the Bolshevik Revolution failed because of Stalin. He did not obey the revolutionary plan outlined by Lenin.

Back to Stalin's cruelty. Stalin's people are very cunning and cruel. How not cunning and cruel, he killed his fellow revolutionary comrades. Reportedly Leon Trotsky and his family were blindly blinded. Not yet there, Stalin's cruelty. He acted as he wished and arbitrarily accused people who were not in line with his policy as 'counter-revolution'. And whoever has pocketed the label as 'counter revolution'. Without ba bi bu he must be prepared to be transported by the Red Army for di-Gulag kan in Siberia.

Who is not afraid of Siberia. The cold place of the ice field, thank you, minzzalik. In Siberia, as long as the eye can see only snow. And the weather in Siberia is said to have reached minus 17 degrees Celsius. If it is not strong, those who have noble titles as 'counterrevolutionaries' will die cold instantly. And the number of victims of Stalin's woes is not kidding, reaching 40 million people. Crazy, isn't it?

Next is Pak Harto. Surely all of you already know him. At least you know this man of development (and the father of eviction) from the butt of the truck: Piye le, my watch tho? How bad it is, in the era of Pak Harto people could be lost and did not know their fate if they had a view that disturbed the security and order of the Cendana family.

The three figures above had one thing in common: namely authoritarian. As is the nature of authoritarian despots, even though they are dashing people who have cannons and army forces of hundreds to thousands of companies in barracks. There is one trivial thing that makes them afraid of not playing: that is someone who has a sane mind.

In the era of Hitler, a person who had a different view from the fuhrer's line of policy, he must be prepared to be accused of being a Jewish stooge set at Auschwitz.

So did the Stalinist era. In Russia, whoever is a little less than Stalin's party line, he must be prepared to be labeled as 'the counter-revolution'. And if the pesky stampel is attached. So the Siberian cold air was ready to wait for him.

If Pak Harto is a little different. He was a little timid, perhaps because he still highly upheld the values ​​of Javanese noble culture. So he cannot be blatant if he is less comfortable with others. Pak Harto likes to play back. Whoever dares to speak loudly does not agree with Pak Harto's policies, even though during the day he can still laugh and play games. In the evening he will disappear and will not go home again, like Wiji Thukul.

Well, three stories of heroic figures who are afraid of people who have sane thoughts above are stories from the previous century. For this age, the 21st century, which Rheinald Kasali mentioned as an era of disruption, the state with a tyrannical and authoritarian ruler has not been as crazy as the stories above.

However, in this era even though they survived the cruelty of an authoritarian ruler, the world is still not in a good state. This era is touted as the era of disruption and the era of industrial revolution 4.0 with the massive start-up business, also known and believed to be the era of “revival of religions.”

However, the rise of these religions is different from the rise of religion in previous centuries. In the past, when the Prophet Muhammad in the 7th century brought a bright light that liberated civilization from the shackles of the jurisprudence of the Quraysh infidels. In those days, women were elevated, the poor were supported, and slaves were freed.

In this century, the resurrection was different and very frightening. His face was not as cool as when he was brought by the Prophet Muhammad. At present his revival has a frightening face. Non-Muslims are afraid of him. Though the prophet used to protect Jews and Christians in Medina.

The rise of religion in this century, instead of claiming to follow in the footsteps of the prophet. He even had the opposite face, was not friendly and also not enlightening. He looks very scary. In fact, it applies under the shadow of the character of the authoritarian rulers we have told in sorrow above. He applies the same fear as people who have sane thoughts. In fact, it's even more trivial. He is afraid of comedy. Wallahhu a'lam.

M. Fakhru Riza The author is an activist at the Jogja Institute.

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