Beranda Islami Islami English These are the Three Messages of Susi Pudjiastuti for the Santri

These are the Three Messages of Susi Pudjiastuti for the Santri



Nadhif and his friends did not attend school that day (Friday, 02/11). Teachers at the school encouraged him to gather at the pesantren field.

Like most students, he just obeyed. At 07.00 Nadhif had arrived at the pesantren field. He carried a white rice box, filled with rice and fish.

Without waiting for the cue, he had eaten it ravenously. Even though the rice plan will be eaten together with the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Susi Pudjiastuti, and all Nurul Jadid students, Paiton, Probolinggo.

After eating the rice, Nadhif reunited with his friends. He resumed his “runaway” program. He remained happy even though the other santri were still busy preparing for the arrival of the Minister who was famous for the word “drowning!”


Nadhif was one of thousands of students who attended Fish Eating with Santri and Fisheries Minister, Susi Pudjiastuti in several Islamic boarding schools. in East Java, Friday.

In the event, Susi toured five Islamic boarding schools in East Java to campaign for Indonesian fish and sea guard. During these three days there were four Islamic boarding schools visited: Nurul Jadid Probolinggo Islamic Boarding School, Al-Fattah Silahul Yaqin Situbondo Islamic Boarding School, Darussalam Banyuwangi Islamic Boarding School, and Islamic Boarding School Enterprenuer al-Maun Muhammadiyah (SPEAM) Pasuruan.

together, Susi also gave several messages for the santri. The editor succeeded in gathering Susi's messages to the santri, including the following:

First, Loving and Guarding the Indonesian Sea

This was one of the messages Susi often repeated when visiting Islamic boarding schools. . According to him, about 70 percent of Indonesia's territory is the sea. Therefore, students must care about the Indonesian sea. According to him, Susi and the ranks of the ministry have made an effort to guard the Indonesian sea.

“If there are foreign vessels stealing fish in Indonesia, I sink!” He said.

Susi also appealed to the santri families who worked as fishermen to help guarding the Indonesian sea, using tools that do not damage the environment, such as cantrang, trolls, and bombs.

According to Susi, buying fish must also pay attention to the environment, not because of the behavior that was nefarious [Indonesian].

“Don't until today we want to be able to fish as much as possible, use cantrang, bombs, trolls, but our next generation cannot enjoy it, because the sea is damaged,” he said.

Second, increasing food fish and reducing meat eating

Susi also appealed to the santri and guardians of the santri who attended the event to like to eat fish. According to him, eating fish makes the brain smarter, because fish contain omega 3 which is not found in chicken, beef or goat.

Besides making smart brains, according to him, eating fish can also maintain health, because fish do not contain cholesterol. [19659005] “Unless the fish is fried, it's the oil that makes cholesterol,” he added.

Susi continued that at present, Central and East Java have low fish consumption levels, so there are still many stunting.

Therefore, Susi appealed to all the santri and santri families present to exchange their consumption of fish with fish. Besides being cheaper and more affordable, it can also reduce the government's burden on meat imports.

Third, increase the number of businesses in the fisheries sector.

“Whose mothers here have a fish business? Restaurants, snacks or something else? “Asked Susi to the women who were present at the Situbondo al-Fatah Islamic boarding school field. Only a few people raised their hands.

“How come it's just a little?” Add Susi in a somewhat disappointed tone.

Susi also appealed to the entire community, especially the santri and santri families in the coastal areas to make business in the fisheries sector. both micro and MSMEs.

“Please submit to the mother, I'll help later,” he said.

According to him, this aside from increasing income, employment also helped the government reduce poverty. Susi also asked Islamic boarding schools to prepare marine or fisheries education in Islamic boarding schools, so that santri could contribute fully to building Indonesia.

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