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The Story of Pardi in the Village

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Pardi's face looked grim, he stared blankly at his eldest son who was playing at the mosque. The location of the mosque is indeed very close to the residential block it occupies now.

Since its success in pioneering its business in the city, Pardi brought his small family in a housing complex that offers nuances. Despite being paid in installments, the developer claims that the housing is sharia housing where there is no usury in it. This made the heart of Pardi increasingly moved three years ago to avoid the practice of usury.

Two years passed, Almost every week Pardi and his family never missed attending the mosque-organized study. Until that Friday, when the preacher delivered the Friday sermon, Pardi's heart was truly shaken.

He still remembers how the face of the preacher who was burning red in delivering the sermon earlier, “As long as Islamic law is not implemented, this country will keep a mess. There is no other solution, other than the establishment of khilafah !!! “

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That's more or less the message that the preacher wanted to convey.

That afternoon, Pardi was pensive for a long time in the courtyard of the mosque. Not because he was waiting for his son who was busy playing, but his mind had drifted far into his childhood. The period when Pardi was able to recite in the bamboo surau of Mbah Doel.

He still remembered very well, how he and his friends could calmly recite the Qur'an even though at the end of his village several young men were busy gambling at Mbok Ti. He did not feel holier than them at all, because Mbah Doel himself sometimes talked with them. Not to give advice but just to chat so that there is no distance between us.

Mbah Doel also never said that people who did not recite it were heretics and infidels. In fact, since Mbah Doel often chat with them one by one from those who like to gamble at the Mbok Ti stall, they begin to disappear. Whether because of shyness or embarrassment it is clear that some of them are starting to come to Surau Bamboos, Mbah Doel to recite.

This is simply due to the guidance of Allah SWT. But, one thing that made an impression on Pardi was the memory of the figure of Mbah Doel who was very closely related to the repentance of the young men.

When people were asleep, Pardi and his friends who fell asleep at the altar heard the moans of people praying interspersed with a sob. Pardi got up and peered between the bamboo, he found Mbah figure who was worshiping night remembrance while supporting one by one the names of those who like to gamble.

Not a prayer of anger and asking for punishment, but Mbah Doel was trying to open the door sky so that those who slip on HIS street can go back to stepping on their streets.

Now, at the heart of the Capital City of Pardi, is the “environment” he longed for here?

In this environment, Pardi is practical did not find gambling practice. But, throughout his experience here, Pardi rarely saw shady faces like the figure of Mbah Doel.

What he often encounters is a fierce ustadz and often cries takbir during the study. Not infrequently, he saw how the Ustadz lowered and ridiculed the teachings of other religions, even his fellow Muslims who were outside of his group could not be separated from the target of his ridicule.

He began to see how terrible, if our children grow up with words said, “Unbelievers, Heretic, Kill, Halal blood.”

“Are these not all Satan in the form of humans,” murmured Pardi to himself.

Pardi still remembers Mbah Doel's words that the beginning of Satan “cast out” from heaven is when Satan refused arrogantly God's command to worship Adam. Because, Satan feels himself to be of a higher degree than US Adam.

Pardi hesitates again, is this just a mirage that passes in his middle arid heart.

“Ah, never mind. Soon I want to meet Hong Tji, a big contractor from Gelodok, “murmured Pardi in his heart

” Come on kid, go home! “Pardi invited his son.

Jenggala, 2018

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