Ternyata Rasulullah Saw dan Para Sahabat Juga Ikut Lomba Olahraga Loh


One way to measure and assess the perfection of one's faith is to look at the words he always says. If the words spoken always contain goodness, full of wisdom, bring benefit to the people, then that is a sign that the faith is perfect. Conversely, if what is said is always hateful, ill-conceived, makes anxious and hurts others, then that is a sign that his faith is weak.

The Prophet SAW said; “A servant's faith will not be istiqamah until his heart is istiqamah. And his heart would not be istiqamah until his speech was istiqamah. And the person whose neighbor is not safe from his crimes, he will not go to heaven. “(Narrated by Ahmad).

In a hadith narrated by Imam Tirmidzi, at one point Mua'dz bin Jabal walked in the morning with the Prophet SAW. The opportunity was not wasted by Mu'adz to ask the Prophet for guidance on the path of salvation to heaven and far from hell. “O Messenger of Allah, tell me about an act that can put me into heaven and keep me away from hell,” Mu'adz asked, asking for guidance.


The Prophet replied, “You have asked me about something great. Very few people are facilitated by Allah to ask about it.

Then he continued,” (Amal it is) You worship God without associating anything with Him, performing prayers, performing zakat, fasting on the moon Ramadhan, pilgrimage to Baitullah . “

Then he asked Muadz,” Will you if I tell you about the doors of goodness? Without waiting for a response from Mu'azd, the Prophet continued, “Fasting is a shield, almsgiving can erase sin as water can extinguish the fire, and pray a person at night silence (qiyamul lail) .”

the word of God Exalted, Their hulls are far from their beds, while they pray to their Lord with fear and hope, and they spend part of the sustenance that We give them. One does not know what is hidden for them, namely (various kinds of pleasures) that make eye gaze in return for what they have done. “ (QS. As-Sajdah: 16-17).

He then asks again, “Will you if I tell you about the prince of all things, the pillar of everything, and the culmination of all things? [1945955]

” With pleasure, O Rasululla h, “answered thy 'adz.

He said, “The subject of all affairs is Islam, the pillar is prayer, and the culmination is jihad.”

For the umpteenth time, he asked Mu'adz, “Will you if I tell you the king of all that.

” With pleasure, O Messenger of Allah, “answered Mu'adz.

Then the Prophet took Mua'adz's mouth and said,” Keep your mouth like this . “

” O Prophet of God, are we going to tortured because of the words we say? Asked Mu'adz.

The Prophet answered, “Your mother feels lost to you, (woe) O Mu'adz. It is not human being thrown into hell by being dragged on his face or forehead unless caused by the words spoken by their mouths. “

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