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Most hate speech in Britain targets Muslims

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No less than half the crimes of hate speech in Britain are aimed at Muslims. 52 percent was directed at Muslims. Data from the UK Ministry of Internal Affairs mentions that hate crimes cases rose 40% from 5,949 cases in 2016-2017 to 8,336 cases in 2017-2018.

Hatred crimes in the UK are defined as crimes on the grounds of race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or transgender identity. The violations included abuse, intimidation, threats, harassment, assault and also destruction of property.

The bbcindonesia page states that mentioning crimes directed at people because of sexual orientation consists of 12%, religious hatred 9%, disability 8%, and transgender 2 %. According to police data, the number of hate crimes has more than doubled since 2012/2013 to 42,255 cases.

One of the factors why these hate crimes rose was events such as the Brexit referendum and last year's terror attacks. The Interior Ministry said the high increase noted by the police in hate crimes was based on two factors. First, it showed that the increase was due to the improvement of police steps in the process of identifying and recording this type of crime. secondly, this is increasingly causing more people to report and not because of the increase in numbers.

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Usman Ahmed, a Muslim, told the BBC that he had first been subjected to hatred two years ago with insults as a member of ISIS. “First I was shocked and confused because this had never happened before to me,” said the 19-year-old from Luton. Meanwhile, the court noted the number of sentences for hate crime cases rose to 84.7% from 83.4% in the previous year.

Data in January 2016 showed the number of Muslims in the UK managed to break the three million mark. There are around 3,114,992 people, equivalent to 5.4% of the total population of Queen Elisabeth.

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