Obituari Saleem Iklim: Legenda Musik Rock dan Impian Terakhir Tentang Indonesia


It was too early for me to leave early. Her passion, she has a road tour arrived in Indonesia. He invited his son-in-law to take him to Road Tour. He spoke ill to his daughter-in-law Izah. If we are healthy, we will make Road Tour to Indonesia. Because he is interested in Indonesia a lot “.

The sentence was uttered by Julia Bacok, his wife, in remembrance of the husband's last word before the angel of death picked him up. Before he died, Saleem had an accident while riding a duck motorcycle on September 20, 2018. The motorbike he was driving was hit by a car that was about to turn left. As a result of the accident, 12 of his ribs were broken and he was treated intensively at the Hospital for approximately 24 days. Dreams to appear to meet his fans in Indonesia disappear along with his sudden departure.

Whereas, long before, Saleem was preparing himself to bounce back from some of the downturns he experienced, whether it was a matter of family divorce, drug addiction , to his own disciplinary problem which made him then have to leave the band Climate in 1996, where he helped raise him. As a result of the drug incident, he was jailed twice and made his name dim from the scene of the music world.


Although his name was dim, he remains a legend who helped raise the Malaysian Music industry in Indonesia with other musicians before the emergence of Siti Nurhaliza and Sheila Majid in the 1990s. Individual dynamics and his music career, do not dim the distribution of the songs along with the emergence of the digital industry, either paid or free, such as Youtube and Spotify.

Until now, if we go to modern food stalls or barber shops, it is known now with Barbershop, Saleem Climate songs are still a favorite in Indonesia. Among the titles of the famous songs, for example, “Suci Dalam Debu”, “Thousand Times Love”, “The Essence of a Love”, and “Goodbye Suffering”. Therefore, this news not only shocked, but also made fans in Indonesia and Malaysia, including my grieving. This is because, every song that is sung, not only provides a sensation of being involved, but rather an emotional involvement, which makes us feel present in it.

There are not many musicians who can describe the mood, whether it's lost or the feeling of falling in love. For the Southeast Asian context, more specifically Lingua Franca, Saleem is a bit of a singer who can sing it. With a sound pull that can reach up to 4 octaves with a hoarse voice character, he can build dramatization of wounds, either because of the loss of being abandoned by a lover or losing a wound due to a meeting with someone he once loved. He also can narrate about the majesty of love as well as about anger over insult.

Saleem can be a poet when singing about people who are so loved as in the song “Princess at the Door of Mahligai” as well as being a curse that is cursed by love itself. With his unique voice character and can articulate a song's song with great and sharp, I agree on what was said by Meor Yusof Aziddin (2015), Musician and Songwriter in Malaysia, “Excess Saleem, give whatever song, everything hit with his voice that is good. ”

Yes, with a different context, this Saleem like Adele and its songs, can play and sing about the hurts and losses of the people they love and how people can recover from it.

Saleem's songs also accompany my daily life as an ABG (New Children Gede) in the New Order era, who knew monkey love to seniors during elementary school. The presence of his songs is also what I always wait for at Aneka Ria Safari on Sunday at 10:00 am. If Aneka Ria Safari is present, whatever activity I will leave, ranging from playing betta fish, playing kites, to bicycles with friends. The sign of the Aneka Ria Safari program has come, it's very easy to remember, this is because, everyone in the area where I live, in the 1990s in Jakarta had a television.

I definitely want to say almost all of them would watch it on in the absence of other television programs besides TVRI. Thus, Saleem's wish to greet his fans in Indonesia is not just to build memories, but also to foster an identity of the past that shapes memories for many Indonesians. Although Saleem's hopes remain a hope.

Thank you Saleem for a number of your songs that filled my life space, from childhood to now growing into an adult man who is often considered boring, especially the taste of music that I choose by many people. [19659005] Goodbye Saleem. Like your last song, still be Janggawari, a vast sea that entertains the universe of Malays, even though you have to experience “Feelings of Loneliness, like Unequal Madah”. Really, from the songs that you sing will be a blessing and goodness as the opening of heaven in the hereafter.

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