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Islam, Virility and Chastity

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ARRAHMAH.CO.ID – Changes in the perspective of human self taught by Islam have an effect on changes in perspective on some concepts. Two of these are concepts of masculinity and chastity.

When humans are only seen as limited to physical beings, then the standard of these two concepts is also limited to biology. Virility is measured by how strong someone can channel libido lust. While purity is measured by the intact or not of the genitals physically.

In this perspective, men are obsessed with conquering as many women as possible to be male. On the contrary, women are required to have a hymen as fully as possible as evidence of their purity.

Men are required to use polar gas with their libido. On the contrary, women are blamed when the hymen is torn because of being hit by a handlebar when learning to ride a bicycle or even when torn because of being forced to become a male gaspol target.

Islam changed this perspective. Unlike animals, humans are endowed with reason and heart. Even this non-physical dimension of intellectual and spiritual human being is just their primary identity.

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The value of human quality is not determined by physical sex, but by intellectual and spiritual devotion. Taqwa is to use reason to the maximum extent possible in every action so that it can benefit as much as possible for itself and others on the basis of faith in God. . That is how strong it is to be able to channel it not only lawfully, but also well (thayyiban) is more appropriate (ma’rufan). That is how strong it is to be able to use it not only halally, but also well (thayyiban) is more appropriate (ma’rufan). the extent of doing sexual activity.

Men and women who believe are both asked to guard the genitals or control libido (Hifdhul Furuj) properly. When is it? Throughout life, both during singles and when having a husband or wife. Bismillah.

Pamulang, October 8, 2018

*) Dr. Nur Rofiah

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