Beranda Nahdlatul Ulama English TGH Achmad Taqiuddin Mansur in his Senior Princess's View

TGH Achmad Taqiuddin Mansur in his Senior Princess's View



Central Lombok,

Thousands of pilgrims and NU residents, including their santri, joined the pages of Al Mansuriah Nonder Islamic Boarding School in Praya Southwest District, Central Lombok, in order to assess and leave the NTB PWNU Chairman, TGH Achmad Taqiuddin Mansur

. (12/10) the night NU residents continued to arrive, the santri prayed at the grave every morning.

“This might cause the father to love his students more than his own children,” said Sri Sofia Umami, the eldest daughter of the deceased in Central Lombok Bonder


He continued, all of his time, energy and thoughts were all for students. “He did not feel at home for a long time in Mataram (only in the city), what was thought was that the santri children did not teach Koran, imami prayers, eat santri children,” he recalled the UIN Mataram academician.

sometimes their children are jealous, like more love for their students than their own children. Even though this is not so, because we are all already in adulthood, the students are concerned about it.

Even at the end of his life, the santri spoke a lot because he ended his life in a cottage not in a house in the city of Mataram.

Alumni University Indonesia in Jakarta mentioned, the way the deceased loved him and his brother was never to praise his children in front of him, but to be ridiculed or sometimes scolded.

“If his children are wrong in attitude, like he immediately knew, when he rarely found, There is only a way to reprimand, both sign and sometimes angry. But if we think about it, actually, whatever bloodshed he is, we are a reflection of ourselves (children), “he said.

If we are offended by our anger towards us, it means we as children still arrogant and arrogant, don't want to change yourself. “If you scold the father, whether I am wrong or feel there is nothing wrong, I have never denied it. The industry is a self-reflection that yes I deserve to be scolded, meaning I have not become a good child,” he explained.

If other parents might be busy thinking about collecting inherited material assets for their children later in life and settling down, if you don't, there's no rich name, all the property is represented for the cottage, “he said.

the best is as high as possible, it must be more than him and if his children want to go to school in full, then you will find and build a life with your own knowledge. ( Hadi / Muiz )


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