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A Number of Situations Dissolved by Azan Outside Prayers



A number of situations that are blessed with prayer outside prayer

One sign or characteristic of the entry of prayer is a call to prayer. When the call to prayer is recited, it means that the prayer time has come and it's time to hurry to the mosque to pray in the mosque or mushalla.

However, it turns out that the call to prayer is not only announced when entering prayer time. There are a number of things or cases that are offered for the call to prayer.

Imam An-Nawawi mentions that in Al-Minhaj the call to prayer was offered outside prayer. As mentioned by Ibn Hajar Al-Haitami in Tuhfatul Muhtaj which is a scribal book from Al-Minhaj which is the essay of Imam An-Nawawi.


والمهموم, والمصروع, والغضبان ومن ساء خلقه من إنسان, أو بهيمة وعند مزدحم الجيش وعند الحريق قيل وعند إنزال الميت لقبره قياسا على أول خروجه للدنيا لكن رددته في شرح العباب وعند تغول الغيلان أي تمرد الجن لخبر صحيح فِيهِ ، وَهُوَ ، وَالْإِقَامَةُ خَلْفَ الْمُسَافِرِ

Meaning, “The call to prayer is prayed in addition to the prayer, which is the call to prayer for newborns, people who are sad, people suffering from epilepsy, people who are angry, people or animals those who have bad temperament, when the war is raging, during a fire, and it is said to also lower the corpse in the grave by revealing at the beginning of its birth to the world, but I (an-Nawawi) oppose its happiness in the Shari'ah al-'Ubab, when there is a disruption based on the authentic hadith in it, as well as the call to prayer and iqamah in welcoming the traveler, “(See Ibn Ḥajar Al-Haitamī, Tuḥfatul Muḥtāj bi Syarḥil Minḥāj [Beirut, Dārul Kutub: tanpa catatan tahun]juz I, page 330)

the explanation, it is clear that there are several things that are recommended to do the call to prayer other than prayer times.

First, in newborn babies . Usually diazani is in his ear by his father. However, according to Hasiyyah As-Syaubari which also became the syarh of the Book Al-Minhaj was not required of a man, it could also be a woman, both his mother and other sisters.

this was opposed by Imam Al-Haitami, according to him based on qaul the mu'tamad (which is held by many scholars), it is required that the doers of the call to prayer in the ears of the newborn baby are men, both the father of the baby and the brother another.

Second, to someone who is sad. Even according to Haitian, if the sadness is not lost, it is recommended to repeat the call to prayer.

Third, in people suffering from epilepsy.

Fourth, in people who are angry.

Fifth, in people or animals that have bad temperament.

Sixth, when war is raging

Seventh, when there is a fire. However, that does not mean giving the call to prayer rather than putting out the fire so that no one rushes to extinguish the fire.

Eighth, when lowering the body to the grave. This is explained by the yellowing of the call to prayer on the ears of a newborn baby.

Ninth, in people who get jinn (kesurupan) disorder.

Tenth, when welcoming a new traveler. As long as the trip is not for immorality. In the tradition of some communities in Indonesia, usually the call to prayer is echoed to release and welcome those who go on Hajj. Allah knows . ( Muhammad Alvin Nur Choironi )


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