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By Inswiardi

Taking the three-year journey of Santri Day, which was beautifully carved through Presidential Decree (Keppres) Number 22 of 2015, has withdrawn our memories, when the Founder of Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), KH Hasyim Asy'ari on 22 October 1945 calls for defending the country is part of jihad. Fatwa of state defense is issued as an effort to protect the Indonesian people from occupation of the invaders. Resistance to metamorphosed allies became Santri's effort to stabilize itself amid current challenges and dynamics.

Santri, which was originally synonymous with children who studied at the Islamic Boarding School, by Jombang Regent Hj Munjidah Wahab, was given a new meaning, as a person who is studying, both in general and special education, not least Islamic boarding school. With this meaning, it is expected that the Santri Day momentum can be celebrated by anyone, from various backgrounds. At this point NU has given a valuable legacy to the nation's journey.


Thus, the challenge to be answered through Santri Day 2018 was the first in 1945 the students were obliged to maintain the spirit of santri as a learner. a person who loves science. Second, the day the santri was obliged to maintain the spirit of the santri in the development of noble character and value transformation. Third, the day the santri is obliged to maintain the spirit of the santri as a driving and unifying force, the guardian of harmony in the life of society and nation.

Our hope is that the 2018 santri day will not be interpreted as a mere ritual of celebration, but rather can touch the layers of awareness of all parties to give the best meaning and produce encouragement of santri involvement in strategic spaces. Santri is expected to be the backbone of the country as a strength of character building, especially for the younger generation. As well as the motor of the implementation of the Cultural Advancement Act and the bodyguard of the Pesantren Education Bill. “

Talking about the space for cultural promotion, what occurred in my thinking was the Jombang spatial concept as a santri city. Santri in a personal sense that loves knowledge, I remembered what was said Cak Nun, when he was present as Jombang Anniversary Public Speakers, at the Bung Tomo Pemkab Hall, 5 years ago.

For Cak Nun, what was needed by Jombang City was not just the date of the day, but the “inherited situation” that the city believed, as role model to grow and develop, Jombang must have a way to educate its citizens to become good learners. The concept of tetenger is a good offer for Jombang to build a tradition of loving knowledge. With the concept of tetenger, every place will be able to present pride and data to be peeled, squeezed, and extracted from its values, as peng For selfhood.

Like Prague which has Kafka, Jombang also has children named Santri. Children scattered in various schools, Islamic boarding schools and community study groups. A situation that should be asked at this time is that there are creative spaces that this city can offer, for where they can exchange ideas, dreams, or just chatter.

Responding to this problem, of course you cannot do it yourself. There is a current distribution of information and knowledge must be designed in harmony with current dynamics. There is a creative space prepared as a gathering place. There are collectors who collect and organize ideas. Some provide packaging for creative ideas. There are those who disseminate ideas to wider spaces. There are laboratories that test these creative ideas, and there are those that give rewards for all creative ideas that have been successfully implemented.

Once again, my memory perched on a caribbean child, the son of Jombang who had visited several cities in many countries. A humble santri. We were met through a simple coffee shop in the center of Jombang city. This young doctor talked about Gus Dur at length. Tells about world figures, who are respected in their country, but they never overtake their country. About the city architectures that were excavated from the spirit of thought in the city. About the children who ate the book.

That afternoon, I became a good listener, because every piece of information and ideas presented, like magic that made my mouth closed, and my head just nodded, agreed.

Jombang is grateful to have Gus Dur. Regarding internationalization on the figure of Gus Dur, it was finished. The homework for this city is, making Gus Dur's figure a momentum that is able to give the spirit of this city to build space in the international dimension. This young man's tone of voice began to rise. I do not know why, maybe a growl that is brooding becomes a sense of despair. Or there is a rage on his mind. Once again, I just stared at him with full satisfaction.

Jombang was not enough to sit quietly waiting for the international community to talk about his characters, nature, or the other side of the city. Jombang must be active to be present in international spaces, absorb global energy, store it, and blow it up in a work and event. Providing district hall, meeting halls, official meeting rooms, sub-district pavilions, or other strategic places to be flooded with dreams and creative ideas, I don't think it's too difficult.

Educating santri children to be responsible for their words or not too difficult. Moreover, wrapping up good ideas, providing laboratories, and giving rewards, of course not difficult.

I take the example, Jombang can start with literacy strengthening movements. When at an early level, they are introduced to books, then the choice is aligned is to provide books for them. Many libraries occur waiting for readers to come. Why do we not change by visiting students (read; santri). We design ways that are of interest to children, by providing a preferred book title.

After that we prepare student competitions to resume resumes, convey, construct construction of ideas, and research. If every year, the recipient of this competition award is facilitated to draw knowledge to foreign countries, I'm sure stretching reading can be built. Do not get caught up in foreign affairs, foreigners are only our means to arouse enthusiasm, that we are able to greet the outside world. It is precisely by being present, we can absorb the energy of knowledge there.

Through the momentum of the Santri day, I can only hope, Jombang can see the potential of Santri to build dynamic space. Space that can lift Jombang at any level. Anonymous, spatial space that educates us to be good learners. A wise learner. Congratulations to welcome santri day October 22. Together with Santri, peace be upon the country.

The author was Chair of the Santri Day Committee 2018 Jombang, Chairperson of Lesbumi Jombang PCNU


This Article was Published On: NU Online


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