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There are several authentic hadith that are used as a basis for dog impurity or saliva, the Messenger of Allah. command us, if there is a vessel or furniture that is licked by the dog, to be washed seven times; once one of them was mixed with sand or soil.

“Narrated from Abdullah bin al-Mughaffal r.a., he said: The Messenger of Allah. ordered to kill dogs then ask, “what's wrong with them and with dogs?” Then he gave exceptions to hunting dogs and goat guard dogs and said, ‘If there is a dog licking into a vessel, then wash it seven times, and mix the second basuhan with the ground. 'According to the history of Yahya bin Sa'id that the Messenger of Allah. giving exceptions to dogs that are used to guard goats, to hunt and to protect plants. “ (Muslim).

From here it appears how unclean the dog's saliva is among the fiqh people called unclean mughallazhah . Usually washing the affected items is quite unclean. This is up to seven times and uses all soil or sand.


And from this there are also some opinions and thoughts regarding this one animal. In terms of uncleanness, some argue, yes the saliva is unclean, but some say that the unclean is all over his body. There are also those who think, whether the weight of “unclean dogs” like that does not mean that we keep dogs away from our homes, so that we do not bother too much to always keep our goods and furniture from licking them.

Regardless, based on hadith -hadits of the Prophet, the scholars agreed that keeping dogs without any intention, the law is haram.

If there is an intention; like for hunting purposes, keeping plants or livestock, the law is permissible (permissible). (read for example, Muslim Sharah by Imam Nawawi, X / 236). The clerics also agreed, stating that it is unlawful to keep dogs just as a pleasure. (Read Ijmak Encyclopedia page 50) who cares for dogs, not dogs for hunting, not cattle keepers, and not garden guards; then the reward of that person every day is reduced by two qiraths. “ (H.R. Muslim).

Qirath was a measure of merit that only Allah and His Messenger knew of its nature. But just to get closer to understanding, perhaps we can translate it with rust.

Waba'du ; which may be excessive, is our temporary attitude that seems so hated to dogs simply because of dogs. So that it often happens no there is rain no wind dogs are sleeping even stoned. Even if the dog is unclean and therefore should not be kept just for pleasure, does that mean we must hate and we are adversary? no ?!

Source: Gus Mus's Daily Jurisprudence, pp. 251-253, Khalista, Surabaya, 2015.

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