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Alfateka Jokowi's slang and why we like to feel the most right



Later excited about the issue about the mention of “Al fatekah” Mr. Jokowi at the opening of XXVII National Quran Musabaqah Tilawatil (MTQ) in Medan City, North Sumatra (North Sumatra), Sunday (10/07/2018) night.

I wonder how many of these people have lost their relaxation. The time is only rich in the “Al fateka” accent until long business needs to be made. Yes, we must explain that it is only the name of the surah, it does not damage the essence of the Qur'an.

Living less relaxed or disliking the person who speaks does sometimes make us forget that Allah is merciful, will not be offended by okkots (as people call it Bugis-Makassar for wrong words). In the language of the postulate I think it is popular; Innama 'amalu binniah (all depends on his intentions).

“I am only worried, if something like this is considered to be true, it could be that in the future there are many people who read the verses of the Qur'an as they wish according to the dialect of language / tribe, whereas The Qur'an is Arabic, “said my brother in the family WhatsApp group.


My brother might forget that since the time of the Prophet, the differences between the ways of reciting the Koran have already existed. This is the recitation of loh gaes, not the mention of the name surah doang.

According to historical records, the emergence of the spread of qira'at began during the tabi'in period, namely in the beginning of the second century H, when the qari 'spread in various corners. They prefer to express their teacher's qira'at. Then the way of reading is taught from generation to generation, so we know qira'at seven, qiraat ten or qiraat fourteen. It can also be a tribe with other tribes having dialectic in different languages, especially in pronunciation (they have languages ​​up to dozens of dialects).

It was like when Ngawi said “Alkhamdulilah robbil experienced”, because of the dialect.

Different in Islam is a good thing, because God created us with differences, Bro. We have to accept every difference instead of looking for different mistakes, then feel the most right.

If you feel the right one, then you will feel as strong as anything you explain and be authentic no matter what reference you give to refute the Most True argument, will have no effect. Just pray, hopefully his veins stop limp when dealing with things that he doesn't normally meet. Wallahu ‘nature can be answered.

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