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Muhammad ibn al-Hasan as-Syaibani, a Sleeping Lesson for Learning



Don't stay up late every night …

That's the words of King Dangdut Rhoma Irama in one of the song titles. Staying up late is too dangerous if it's not balanced with regular sleep. In fact, it can be said that the perpetrators stay up late will be more susceptible to disease.

But this seems not to apply to scholars. The great works of the ulamas and masterpiece- Islamic literary masterpieces are often created from staying up late.

Of course, this is different from the staying up behavior of young people today, or when the Bang Haji song was created, that is, most of it is exhausted, some are even spent with things that are contrary to Islam and state law.


The behavior of staying up that is often practiced by the scholars is staying up late that produces work, staying up late because of knowledge and staying up late because it is too lame by learning to forget sleep time.

One of the scholars who seldom sleeps and chooses to stay up to study and muthalaah the sciences that have been learned is Muhammad bin al-Hasan as-Syaibani al-Baghdadi. He was a student of Imam Abu Hanifah, the founder of the Hanafi school which was also the teacher of Imam Malik, the founder of the Maliki school.

Muhammad as-Syaibani was a mujtahid who was a master of hadith and fiqh. He was born in 132 H. and died in 189 H. According to Abu Ghuddah in his book entitled Qimatuz Zaman, Muhammad as-Syaibani was a scholar who rarely slept. He prefers to study and read the book rather than lean his body and close his eyes to sleep.

Even according to Thaskubri Zadah in his book Miftahus Sa'adah wa Misbahus Siyadah, is told that Muhammad as-Syaibani really did not sleep at night. Every night, his body was surrounded by books that he “cumbu” every night.

He read sheet by sheet until it was finished. When he was tired of reading one book, he won another book title. If he gets bored again, he wins another book. That was so, even until dawn he was still preoccupied with his books.

Interestingly, when he began to sleep, he sprinkled water on his face, or performed ablution. According to him “ Inna an-naum minal hararah.” (actually sleep is part of the hot thing), therefore he uses water as a “heat reliever.”

Unlike us who stay up late and redeem it in in the morning with hours of sleep, Imam Muhammad as-Syaibani is different. He does morning to evening to study. When night falls, he continues his activities like the previous nights, without sleep.

As an ordinary human being, who could possibly not be able to do great things like Muhammad as-Syaibani did, at least we need to try to imitate some, though not as a whole. . If we are not able to imitate one hundred percent, at least we use our night time to study, or just read a few sheets of books, instead of hanging out and doing things that are not clear and useless.

Maa laa yudraku kulluh, la yutraku kulluh. “ (if we are not able to do it as a whole, then do not leave it all).

Allaah knows.

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