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Arju Naaji, a student of Ma'arif NU 1 Ibwidaiyah Madrasahyah in Kaliwedi, Kebasen, Banyumas represented Central Java Province in the XXVII National MTQ Musabaqah Tilawatil Qur'an (201Q) event. The activities were centered in Medan City and Regency Deli Serdang, North Sumatra from 4 to 13 October.

Arju is familiarly called, as the best reciter of the child group in Central Java and has advanced to the national level. Previously, this little qari had been through intensive coaching conducted from the madrasah internal to the provincial level.


Head of the 1 Kaliwedi MI Ma'arif NU, Ahmad Mualif said that the guidance material was given through training and quarantine under the guidance of trainers from the Development Institute Tilawatil Qur'an, Central Java Province.

Mualif said that the training effort in the madrasa was maximized under the guidance of an intensive trainer. “Mental and physical preparations are also carried out to maintain stamina and performance so that Arju stays healthy, concentrates and focuses on the race,” he said, Monday (8/10).

Arju received direction from Ustadz Ali Masngud as a coach to enrich the recitations. “Includes support and assistance from parents who add confidence in Arju. With the preparation of good preparation, hopefully we can achieve the best, “added the man who is also Secretary of the Ansor Youth Movement of the Banyumas Regency.

Arju's parents, Soniyah, who accompanied directly in the MTQ area said their children were from the second grade madrassas already had talent and interest in recitations. To get to the national level, the steps in stages in training have been done to the maximum.

Arju has appeared today by reciting Surat Al-An'am verses 11 to 16. “Please support and pray from all, so that he can display the best and success,” hoped the woman who was also an alumnus of the Sirau Kemranjen Islamic Boarding School.

Soniyah added that this proud experience was the result of efforts and achievements from below. This achievement is a blessing in itself from studying and glorifying the Qur'an.

As a parent, he is very proud and pleased with this achievement. All efforts and prayers from the closest people are needed. “This achievement has boasted parents, teachers, friends and madrasas,” he explained. ( Musmuallim Ma'arif / Ibnu Nawawi )


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