ARRAHMAH.CO.ID –¬†Approaching the political year, the atmosphere of my social media timeline was getting hotter. Not only was it flooded with the status of free endors candidates from their supporters, but also memes of each other’s two sarcastic partners, including the last drama involving social activist Ratna Sarumpaet.

Before finally admitting that the swelling on her face was not formerly persecuted, Ratna had stated if she was beaten by a group of unidentified people in the Bandung Husein Sastranegara Airport Area. Ratna’s confession suddenly caused a reaction from many parties, including Prabowo and Sandiaga Uno’s supporters of the vice presidential candidate.

Interestingly, strong protests were also made by the mothers. All this time, it is known for being cool and calm when it comes to dealing with politics. In some WhatsApp groups they often even sympathize with each other that Ratna’s case is an arbitrary act, and this reflects that Indonesian politics is not very friendly to women. Eh, not female friendly? Wait a minute, Indonesian politics are not female friendly, what are the indicators? Is it only because one presidential spokesman claimed to be beaten, it has become a benchmark?

Let’s look at the facts. Indonesia is one country that has had the leadership of a woman’s country. Even the countries of the United States of America have never experienced it. Not only that, our regulations open wide opportunities for women to be active in the political sphere (in fact, not only WA groups and FB) through Law No. 31 of 2002 and Law No. 2 of 2008. Although not all have been well realized, but the proportion of representation women in parliament in Indonesia are still above the average proportion of women in Asian and Southeast Asian countries.

Do not stop there, Ratna’s persecution is also causing other gossip: the incumbent is targeting Ratna as the main target because they know Ratna criticized the government too much. This was further developed by the number of cases of banning some clerics and scholars, which they believed to be political conspiracies towards 2019. The pulling of an issue with other issues was even more interesting. And the realm is no longer just a scramble of divorced married artists, but has penetrated the new area which used to be seen by mothers: politics!

Actually women’s passion for the latest political issues can be said to be a fresh breeze for our democracy. Unfortunately, female militancy in the present situation seems to be inappropriate. In addition to not verifying the news in depth in advance, the mamak-mamak who were burned by the enemy also joined in attacking the country’s officials. One of his tweets even called politicians who doubt Ratna’s statement as someone who has no heart and a sense of humanity.

Even though Ratna had held a press conference and acknowledged her lies, many women felt that Rio Dewanto’s father-in-law would be trapped, or even threatened so he dared to carry out the act of public deception. Some people even fiercely defended Ratna on the pretext that she was a vicious political victim because they believed that Ratna was a smart female activist, and even had time to be compared to today’s Cut Nyak Dien.

Ehmm … if I were actually sorry for all the mothers, even though they have begun to be politically literate, unfortunately the politicians up there even though they have been heavily supported by the grassroots, at the end when they are in office, keep forgetting.

So, who are these political victims really? ?!

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