<pre>Increase Teacher Welfare, West Java Develops Bees Livestock



Regional Leader (PW) The Nahdlatul Ulama (Pergunu) West Java Teachers' Association in collaboration with the community the Local Enablers developed a creative economy. This is done in an effort to improve the welfare of NU teachers.

One form of cooperation carried out in the near future is bee cattle. “Bee bees are an alternative for the economic development of NU teachers. Because it does not interfere with the activities of teachers in the teaching and learning process and also bee livestock maintain environmental sustainability, “said Saepulloh, Thursday (4/10).


According to the Head of West Java Regional PW, in the near future the Local Enablers will develop bee cattle. “God willing, this community will provide free training, even all the equipment needed for bees will be prepared,” he said.

Dwi Purnomo as the community activist of the Local Enablers explained that the community became a forum for students to collaborate in the business world. Although relatively new and the root of the Jatinangor Creative Forum, this community has succeeded in giving birth to young entrepreneurs among Padjadjaran University students (Unpad).

“In addition to the field of service, the Local Enablers also apply business empowerment from upstream and downstream to business products, “Dwi Purnomo said. The implementation of this value chain is expected to provide many benefits, not only for the entrepreneurs but also for the producers of the raw material business, he continued.

Meanwhile, West Java NU Director BeRKah Agung Nurhalim will strive to assist sponsors in seeking full funding related to this cooperation. .

“This partnership between the Local Government and the Local Enablers is very good in an effort to improve the welfare of teachers in the region by not disrupting classroom learning activities,” Agung said.

Furthermore, H Agung will look for sources of funds so that the collaboration goes smoothly in accordance with the expected goals. ( Awis S / Ibnu Nawawi )


This Article was Published On: NU Online


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