Al-Qur'an Jadi Pondasi Belajar MI Ma'arif NU Kracak


Banyumas. But not for Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Ma'arif NU 1 students in Kracak Village, Ajibarang District, Banyumas Regency, Central Java. They rushed to take the water of the ablution to carry out the midday prayer first.

After praying in congregation, faintly began reciting the recitation of the Koran from a simple room called the madrasa Mushalla, it turned out that madrasah students were preparing to perform the Koran recitation.

At the front, there were also religious teachers and religious teachers who were also prepared to accept students who were going to make a Koran. A small table appeared lined up, in front of him, students sat seated, waiting for the queue to take turns reading the Koran.


Then the prayer began to be read, one by one from the students began to move forward, and the Koran recitation program at MI Ma'arif NU 1 Kracak Village began that afternoon.

The Koran program, according to Madrasah Chief Lutfi Nur Hakiki, had begun since MI Ma'arif NU Kracak was established in 2011, and the recitation of the Koran became a flagship program in the madrasa located in Grumbul Pulasari, Kracak Village, Ajibarang District, Banyumas Regency, Central Java.

“The establishment of MI Ma'arif NU Kracak cannot be separated from the existence of the Al-Huda Pulasari Islamic Boarding School, which became the forerunner of the establishment of this madrasa, so we adopted this Koran recitation program from the pesantren curriculum,” he said to Thursday (4/10).

The program, continued Lutfi Nur Hakiki, runs continuously from grade 1 to grade 6, starting from the recitation of the book on tour or iqro, then Juz 'amma, after that the practice of prayer, and finally the Koran recitation to khatam.

“For new students, the first is the Al-Qur'an Reading Writing (BTA) with a book that is written or iqro. Then after it is felt smooth and good, take the Koran Juz 'amma, then practice the five daily prayers, new “Finally, the Koran recites the Khatam,” he explained.

The existence of Al Huda Pulasari Islamic Boarding School which is the forerunner as well as the foundation of the establishment of Ma'arif NU Kracak MI has more or less given a big influence in the process of daily teaching and learning activities in madrasas.

Caretaker of Al-Huda Pulasari Islamic Boarding School Fatrotun Nafi'ah to explained that one of the objectives of the establishment of MI Maarif NU Kracak was to instill Islamic values ​​and culture to students at the elementary level.

“In addition to increasing students' academic potential and achievement, good moral learning for children is an important thing that must be taught early, so between general science and religion must be balanced,” he explained.

The balance between academic achievement and good morals, continued Fatrotun Nafi'ah is something that must be done because in the future life will continue to develop.

“Here we apply the Qur'an and Islamic values ​​which are aswaja and nahdliyah as our foundation in daily teaching and learning activities in madrasas,” he concluded. ( Kifayatul Ahyar / Muiz )


This Article was Published On: NU Online


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