<pre>Kiai Wahab's Practice is the Key to Success Bahrul Ulum FC Qualified for the 16th Great LSN



Team of the Pesantren Bahrul Ulum Jombang, East Java won the group H title and advanced to the last 16 of the national series on the Indonesian Santri League (LSN) 2018 which took place in the City of Solo, Central Java.

Thank God our team qualified for the last 16. Hopefully we can advance to the final and winners. And the proudest we are group winners, “said Maneger Bahrul Ulum FC, Taj Malik to Thursday (04/10).


Taj said that the success of his team to advance to the next round could not be separated from the team's hard work in training so far. In addition, he also mentioned that there were other factors, namely the prayers and prayers to the prophet Muhammad that were unceasingly spoken. “Al-Fatihah reads the caregivers and founders of the pesantren. In addition, we also read the practices commonly read by KH Abdul Wahab Hasbullah, Huwalhabiban,” Taj explained.

Taj explained in detail that Bahrul Ulum FC was in group H with West Java 2, Sumatra 6, Maluku Papua. Bahrul Ulum FC won the group with 7 points. This result was obtained from one win against West Java 2, one won WO because representatives from Maluku Papua were not present and last played a goalless draw against Sumatra 6.

National series followed by 32 team, they compete for the biggest soccer championship between pesantren in Indonesia. 32 teams from various regions are divided into 8 groups. In the round of 16 the system used was the knockout system.

“In the last 16 matches Bahrul Ulum FC met runners-up from group D namely Sumatra II (Medan),” he explained.

Aware of the increasingly difficult struggle, Taj Malik also requested prayer support from all students and alumni of Bahrul Ulum FC wherever they were. Special alumni around Solo are expected to come to watch the match. “Just pray, please send to all students and alumni, hopefully win and win,” he said. ( Syarif Abdurrahman / Muiz )


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