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One of the miracles of Prophet Sulayman (as) was able to speak and understand the language of animals. In some Islamic literature – especially Al-Qur'an Surat An-Naml, Prophet Sulaiman is said to be able to interact with several animals such as birds and ants. The animals understood what was conveyed by Prophet Sulaiman. Vice versa.

But the ability to understand and interact with animals is not only owned by Solomon. Prophet Muhammad SAW. also have the same ability. In a hadith narrated by Abu Daud as stated in the book Syakshiyatur Rasul, it is said that the Prophet interacted with a camel.

Narrated, one day the Messenger of Allah entered a date palm garden owned by an Ansar. In the garden, there was found a camel crying when she saw the Messenger of Allah. Intrigued by this, the Prophet then approached the camel. After rubbing his shoulder, the camel became silent. On that occasion, the camel complained that the Prophet was starving and exhausted.


Then the Prophet asked who owned the camel. After it was discovered that the owner of the camel was in fact, the Messenger of Allah ordered him to care for and maintain it properly. Do not let pets not be taken care of properly.

The story of the Messenger of Allah interacting with animals is also listed in a hadith narrated by Ahmad. In the hadith, the Prophet succeeded in 'conquering' a camel that was famous for being fierce and violent.

It is said that one time the Prophet entered a garden with Banu Najjar in which there was a fierce camel. From the stories circulating, the camel will attack anyone who enters the garden. But that did not happen when the Messenger of Allah entered the garden. When the Messenger of Allah called him, the camel was in 1945 and did not attack. In fact, the camel stuck his tongue to the ground until it rumbled before the Messenger of Allah. Immediately, the Prophet ordered the owner to bind him.

“Surely there is nothing between heaven and earth but surely knows that in fact I am the Messenger of Allah, except the creatures who acted from jinn and humans,” said the Prophet after succeeding in taming the fierce camel.

In addition, the Messenger of Allah also have other extraordinary abilities such as splitting the moon, removing water from the tips of the fingers, healing diseases, 'multiplying' food, and others. However, the Qur'an is the greatest miracle that God gave to the Messenger of Allah. (A Muchlishon Rochmat)


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