<pre>Again, ISIS Mass Graves Found in Syria



A mass grave containing thousands of bodies was found again in the former territory once ruled by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), Raqqa, Syria.

The Syrian Democratic Army (SDF) revealed the findings after conducting an investigation in the Al-Panorama region. It was reported that there were around 1,000 to 1,500 bodies removed from under the rubble of destroyed buildings.


The bodies were believed to be civilians and ISIS fighters who were killed by air strikes by US (US) forces into the area. An attack known as a campaign against an Islamic state.

“The Team of the Reconstruction Committee of the Raqqa City Civil Council continued to remove bodies buried under people's homes, as well as public facilities, including schools, as long as the city was controlled by ISIS terrorists,” said SDF in its statement, quoted on page Middle East Monitor Wednesday (3/10).

Referring to data released by SDF, there are at least 2,200 bodies that have been discovered since ISIS was defeated in the city at the beginning of last year. Only 75 bodies can be identified and returned to their families to be buried properly. The rest, can not be recognized because one of them has been decayed.

Previously Kurdish authorities also found 96 bodies in the old Raqqa Mosque yard. Local residents deliberately turned the mosque's courtyard into a temporary mass grave as long as US forces launched an attack on the area.

Mass graves were also found in other places such as Al-Rasyid football stadium, city zoo, Al-Qadim mosque and district Al-Badou settlement.

A human rights organization Amnesty International condemned US forces in Syria. US forces are considered unable to protect civilians when launching attacks against ISIS.

US forces deny the allegations. Of the 30,000 artillery fire and several thousand air strikes launched in the city of Raqqa during its four-month military campaign, US forces said there were only 23 civilians killed.

The United States said it would not withdraw its troops from Syria until peace was created throughout the land of Syria. (Red: Muchlishon)


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