<pre>Asbabun Nuzul Surat Ali Imran: The Messenger of Allah's Meeting with the Najran Group


Ali Imran's letter includes 200 Madaniah letters. Ibn Kathir said, the first 83 verses came down regarding the arrival of Najran's entourage in the 9th year of Hijriyah.

Al-Baghawi gave more details. Najran's entourage who came to the Prophet Muhammad saw a total of 60 people. Of the 60 people there were 14 leaders. Among the 14 main figures there are 3 more prominent people. They are Abdul Masih who holds the title al-'Aqib, Al-Aiham who holds the title As-Sayyid, and Abu Haritsah bin 'Alqamah.

People who hold al- 'Aqib acts as a leader of deliberation. Everyone acts on his orders and thoughts. The person who held the title As-Sayyid served as the person responsible for accommodation, eating and drinking, the group. Whereas Abu Haritsah bin q Alqamah was a bishop and monk for the group.


Still according to Al-Baghawi, the Najran entourage entered the Prophet's Mosque at the time of the Asr prayer approaching. All groups immediately held preparations to establish prayers.

One of the Companions of the Prophet tapped, “We never saw the arrival of guests like them. After their time of worship arrived, they immediately entered the Prophet's mosque. “The Prophet Muhammad replied,” Leave them alone! “

Guests of this group from Najran immediately set up prayers facing east. After the prayer, two of their leaders who formed As-Sayyid and Al-qAqib said their greetings to the Prophet. The Prophet Muhammad asked them, “Are you both Muslim?” They simultaneously replied: “We were Muslims before you.”

Prophet Muhammad denied, “You are lying! You can't be Muslims by believing God has a son, worshiping the Cross, and eating pork. “

” If Jesus is not a child of God, then who is his father? And people argue about Isa, “asked the two men. The Prophet Muhammad replied by asking, “Do you know that a child must be similar to his father?” They replied, “Yes, of course!” Prophet Muhammad asked, “Do you know that God is keeping everything and giving his fortune?” replied, “Yes, of course!”

The Prophet Muhammad asked again, “Did Jesus do that?” They replied, “No!”

The Prophet Muhammad asked, “Do you know that God knows all that is in heaven and earth? “They answered,” Yes, of course! “The Prophet asked,” Did Jesus know all that except what he knew? “They replied,” No! “

Prophet Muhammad explained,” Our Lord created Isa in the womb as He wants, our Lord has no form and no His counterpart, our Lord does not eat and does not drink. “They answered,” Yes, right! “

Prophet Muhammad asked,” do you know that Jesus was conceived by his mother like a baby in um um, then the mother gave birth to Isa like a mother in general. Give him food as usual, then the baby eats, drinks, speaks as usual? “They replied,” Yes, right! “

The Prophet Muhammad asked,” So, how can this happen like your prejudices? ” silent. At that time, this Ali Imran Letter was dropped by more than 80 verses. That is the explanation of Tafsir Al-Baghawi.

In the Tafsir of Al-Washit it is mentioned, this letter was given the letter Ali Imran because it contained a story about the Imran family which was quite detailed and not in other letters. The Imran family in question is Isa, Yahya, Maryam and his mother. Imran himself is Maryam's biological father, his mother Isa. So, Imran is Isa AS's grandfather.

I know God.

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