Beranda Nahdlatul Ulama Head of State Affairs in West Kalimantan Show off Regional Potential

Head of State Affairs in West Kalimantan Show off Regional Potential

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The Kirab Satu Negeri Team (KSN) entitled Bela Agama Bela Negeri in West Kalimantan (West Kalimantan) will be held with regional nuances. And in its implementation, Saturday to Sunday (6-14/10), various issues and potential that exist in the region will be raised. . “We will raise regional issues,” he said on Sunday (30/9).

Among those that will be raised about the border area. “Where we want the border in West Kalimantan will become an important part of the attention of the central government,” said Muhammad Nurdin. some border areas, such as those in Sanggau and Bengkayang.

“This border area in West Kalimantan is indeed already advanced in terms of infrastructure. Well, we want to strengthen the potential issues that exist there, such as the economic sector, natural resources, and so on, “he said.

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The plan, on the sidelines of the KSN implementation schedule, was a series of carnival activities: raising the red and white flag on the Kapuas River, Tayan , Sanggau Regency by using dozens of canoes.

Nurdin revealed that his party wanted to promote local wisdom and potential in West Kalimantan, one of which was the Kapuas River. “Because as is known, West Kalimantan is a province known as various rivers,” he said. [19659003] “We added activities in Sanggau, namely in Tayan, left along the Kapuas River using 17 canoes and carrying a red and white flag. Later with Raja Tayan, “he explained.

In addition, a series of KSN activities in West Kalimantan, will be held social and religious activities, including cleaning the trenches, planting trees, spreading fish seeds, cleaning mosques, pilgrimages to the grave of ulama, remembrance, salawatan, etc.

At the national level, KSN starts from the five outermost points in Indonesia, namely Sabang, Nunukan, Miangas Island, Rote Island, and Merauke, on 16 September to 26 October 2018. 1,945 carnival participants will released from these five points.

The KSN is planned to end in Yogyakarta on October 26. At this summit the Indonesian President Joko Widodo will also attend.

In addition, in Yogyakarta, the Global Unity Forum (GUF) II will also be held which will present various religious and peace leaders from within and outside the country ( Imam Kusnin Ahmad / Ibnu Nawawi )


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Head of State Affairs in West Kalimantan Show off Regional Potential

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