Beranda Hikmah Learn Moral from Nasruddin Hoja

Learn Moral from Nasruddin Hoja

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One time a famous moral philosopher stopped in the town of Ak Shehir where Nasruddin Hoja lived. The philosopher had heard a lot about Nasruddin Hoja's wisdom, he intended to invite him to discuss. For that he invited Nasruddin Hoja to eat at a restaurant.

After ordering food, they discussed. Soon the waiter came to serve two grilled fish. One of the grilled fish has a size much larger than other fish. Without hesitation, Nasruddin Hoja took the biggest fish.

The Philosopher's brow frowned at Nasruddin Hoja with an unbelieving look. Then the Philosopher said that what Nasruddin did was something that was despicable and selfish and contrary to the principles of morality, ethics and public trust in general. Nasruddin Hoja listened to the Philosopher's sermon patiently until the Philosopher ran out of steam.

“Then sir, what should you do?” Nasruddin Hoja asked later.

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“As for me, as a wise person. I will not be selfish and of course I will take a smaller fish for myself, “said the Philosopher.

” Please, then! Nasruddin Hoja said briefly, while thrust a small fish at the Philosopher.

From the story above, we will learn about the measure of morality in theory and morality in practice. We often use the moral measure for others not for ourselves.

In the story of Nasruddin Hoja and the Philosopher above, the Philosopher reprimands and lectures Nasruddin because the Physician considers Nasruddin to be selfish and contrary to moral principles. [19659005] Seeing the Philosopher's answer that he would not be selfish and would take smaller fish, apparently he had measured Nasruddin's morality. Should be a wise moral philosopher, he should just accept the small fish. Because by accepting the small fish, the Philosopher actually practiced the morals that existed in him.

But in reality it was not, the Philosopher actually lectured on Nasruddin and used a measure of morality to be practiced by Nasruddin.

from the Philosopher, he innocently handed the little fish to the Philosopher. It is as if Nasruddin helped the Philosopher to practice what he had said before.

The lesson we can learn from this is that we should learn how often we measure morality that exists in others. The measure of morality seems to apply to other than us, while we are ignorant of our own morality.

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Learn Moral from Nasruddin Hoja

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