Wasiat Nabi yang Patut Diingat di Idul Adha


The man was named Tsumamah bin Itsal and was from the Al Yamamah Kabilah. He went to Medina with the intention of killing the Prophet. He felt that the Prophet had disrupted the Arab world with the new religion he was carrying. He also prepared everything, including weapons that would be used to kill.

The news reached the ears of Umar bin Khattab. When Tsumamah reached the city gate, he was met by Umar bin Khattab. Asked carefully, but Tsumamah who was already covered with anger invited Umar to fight. A fight ensued. And finally, he lost. Tsumamah was finally captured by Umar.

Tsumamah was overwhelmed against the mighty Umar. His weapon was seized and his hand was tied, then he was taken to the place of the Prophet.


The Prophet immediately went out to meet the person who intended to kill him. Arriving at the place, he observed Tsumamah's face carefully.

“Did any of you have fed him?” Asked the Prophet, turning to the friends who were around him.

Suddenly, it made friends shocked. They looked at each other, including Umar who looked at the Messenger of Allah, implying a question. What kind of food do you mean? “

But the Messenger of Allah seemed to ignore Umar's objections and the astonishment of the other companions. In fact, he said, “Immediately get milk from my house.”

He also told a friend to let go of the drooping, weakly helpless Tsumamah bond. Umar rushed to take a drink. Soon he came. Then the glass was taken and given to Tsumamah.

“Say Laa ilaha illa-Llah (No god but Allah),” the Prophet asked politely. “I will not say it!” He shook his head constantly.

The companions of the Apostles who witnessed the course became furious. But the Messenger of Allah ordered Tsumaha to leave. Tsumamah rose, then turned his back on the Apostle. Walk. Setapak, two sites, three footprints. Then he turned his head back to the Apostle.

He sat down, faced his face to the ground. Before long, he looked up and looked at the face of the Prophet.

“O Messenger of God, I bear witness that there are no gods except Allah and Muahammad Rasul Allah,” he said.

The Messenger of Allah only smiled and told him to stand up.

“Why did you not say when I asked you?” Asked the Messenger of Allah.

“Forgive me, my lord. I did not say it when you were not released, I feared someone would think of me entering your religion because I was afraid. I'm not afraid, but my heart melts. After you set me free, I want to convert to Islam solely because of God. “

The voice of Takbir was also muted.

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The Messenger of Allah Precisely Feeds the One Who Wants to Kill him

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